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added all missing merc/merc skill info
updated viking/archer info
fixed all lv 100 upgrade req that requires something other than ashen jewel.

someone just need to add the class progression pic for Sailor/Elementalist/Spartan/Janissary if there are any.

and can someone delete the following pages? (cos someone typo'd "Janissary" and i only notice it after i added all the info)
Atlantica Online:Jannisary
Atlantica Online:Jannisary Class Progression
Atlantica Online:Jannisary Stat Progression
Atlantica Online:Jannisary Upgrade Requirements
Atlantica Online:Jannisary Skills

EDIT: for the table on "Atlantica Online:Character" page just have the table without the "mercs" links in it and change the name to "Main Character types"
we can also add that table on "Atlantica_Online:Mercenary" but take out the links that link to "main char" page and just have the "mercs" link on top and that "class D/C/B" table under it.
like this?

im sorry if i stuff it up im still pretty new to this wiki edit stuff =/

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