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Originally Posted by Faelynn
Thankies for pointing this out to us, kuyaBaka. I'll do my best to see what I can do. All the skills that need to be added are driving me mental x__x I'll try to correct the information we currently have with the screenshot you provided. I apologize for the slow progress of the skill section but it's pretty much impossible to add more unless I can access the English game. It would be horrible translating all the Japanese and Taiwanese if the evil English version translates it to yet another thing x_x;

Again, thank you for the input! I'll do something about it so check back later to see if the wiki gives more accurate information now.

EDIT: It should be okay now o_o; tell me if it's still not fixed. It's 2.30 AM and I'm not really fresh this early x_x; I'll try to add some more skills and the likes later because I really need a nappy~
Cute, you did it wrong.. You added the Holylight picture to a level 82 ATTACK SKILL.
It's best that we leave this until we have access to the game ourselves, else it will be messed up more x__x
Seeing as I can't find a level 12 healing skill next to Holylight Chain.. So most likely Holylight Chain in the wiki is Holylight ingame and then Regen is most likely Holylight Chain ingame

EDIT: Fixed with help of the screenshot + Japanese wiki.

Thank you so much k0n <3

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