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The quest help page has received a much needed revamp and is now available to help instruct those unsure how to use the template.

Currently, our main priority is to add all the existing quests in LaTale. This is no easy job but we can do it. +o+!

For a guide on using the template, please click the link below.

Guide to LaTale Quest Template

If you require any more help with how to use it, or to check in on if you're doing something right, please just post here.

If the quest page is missing an NPC image (that is transparent) or a Location link/image, just post here and I'll see what I can do for you. :3

Note, the actual Location may not be provided in the resources below. Your best bet is to look for other quests from that NPC and see what's there. If nothing else, just put a question mark.



Quests by Location
LaTale:Belos Quests - Wiki
LaTale:Elias Quests - Wiki
LaTale:Yong Gyung Quests - Wiki
LaTale:Aoich Quests - Wiki
LaTale:Elfa Quests - Wiki
LaTale:Ves Quests - Wiki
LaTale:Traveler's Heaven Quests - Wiki

Quests by Level
LaTale:Quests Level 1 - 9 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 10 - 19 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 20 - 29 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 30 - 39 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 40 - 49 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 50 - 59 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 60 - 69 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 70 - 79 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 80 - 89 - Wiki
LaTale:Quests Level 90 - 109 - Wiki

Please alert me to if a certain page is completely finished. I will check the whole page for errors and then mark it complete. :3!

So I think I typed about everything you need to know. Ask if you have questions. o/