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Default Holy Beast Online Forum Freebies~

~Forum Freebies~

I'll be posting some Holy Beast Online related forum goodies you can use on forums or anywhere you like really. There is only one catch ;3 You have to abide by the rules in this thread.

[1] Do not claim these graphics as your own under any circumstances!
[2] If you use these on I would like you to link back to the Holy Beast Online section.
[3] If you use any of these somewhere other than I demand (yush!) that you link back to either the main website (MyMMOGames - Multiplayer Gaming and Media Community) or this thread. The reason for this: Extra advertising of this lovely site on other (un)related sites. Yush, I am evil ;3
[4] One of the most important rules, please upload these graphics onto your own server. I keep all my HBO graphics at the same location and if people hotlink the images then I'll get into trouble. So give me a break and upload them yourself before using~!
[5] Enjoy? x_x;

If you do not know how to upload them on your own server or how to link back feel free to ask me and I will be happy to help you out.


[Suggestions are welcome~]


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