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Originally Posted by allea
For my witch though, I'm going for max meteor but, should I get both mana recharge and mana drain?
For my exo I'm maxing speed cast and some points into mana seal but is mana burn worth it?
This will be mostly a PvE (probably AoE skill) build with maybe about 10-15% PvP (if I PvP it'll be mainly for FL).
If I could get an oracle then where should I put it (for healing purposes and maybe seth...)?
Another thing: how does mana shield work and if so is it worth it?

Please comment and make suggestions, ok thanks.
Am a ~90 staff with almost the same mercs as your future setup so I could give you a few pointers from my experience..I guess? For your future build, consider putting the witch on the frontline- since she's a flying merc she can't get hit by melee and her high mdef makes magic do negligible damage to her. This makes her a pretty solid "tank" actually, she's only really vulnerable to long-range attacks. I currently have her on the frontline with the viking behind her, so she can tank magic hits for the viking.

- Recharge is apparently pretty decent at level 1, although I have mine at 20 just because I like all my spells to be at least level 20. Mana drain is very very useful, consider investing a decent amount of points into it, like say at least 20. It's a row attack, that not only drains mana, but damages the enemy and recharges your own witch's mana as well so it's pretty useful.

- Mana burn is pretty weak unless you raise it really high (it's about 1.5-2x weaker than a mana drain). I hardly use it for PvE. I think it's better to max out speed cast and a decent investment in mana seal.

- From what I've heard, mana shield basically cuts your mana when you take damage instead of your HP. As far as PvE is concerned, I'm not sure if it's going to be that useful because we're pretty squishy anyway, if we're being focus fired on it'll probably just delay death by a turn or something. I'll probably be waiting to see what others have to say about it before actually getting it, since I already have 3 skills atm (60 scud, ~45 blessing and 1 guard dispel).

Hope that helps!

Edit:I got mana shield lvl. 1 a couple of days ago. It does, in fact, seem to prolong my life and I totally do not regret investing one point into this skill. Basically, it triggers every time you get hit by a physical attack (not sure if it's melee only, or both melee+ranged attack, will have to look into it), for a set number of times per turn, healing about ~200hp per trigger. This is all in PvE, I have not tested it for PvP. Also, it does drain off a significant chunk of mana if you're being focus fired on so make sure you have a huge mana pool before investing in this skill.

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