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Originally Posted by HolyAbyssal
In Concerto Gate, What happens is when you use the skill. Then you get like exp for using it.
You don't have to be a certain character level to do it.

Thanks for the information though, This'll help :3
Oh, I dont know if you get me right.

I think when you buy the skill book, you learn the skill which should be in Lv1.
And then you use the skill, you gain exp of that skill.

When your skill uplevel to Lv2, but your character is Lv 8, you should still can only use R1 skill. (Not the R2 Skill, but exp of the skill should still be gained when you used it)

Is this what you received!? If so, Then MY BAD =]
(I would be appreciate if you could PM me for the 2nd time CB application XD)