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Originally Posted by Rolic
In FFIII There was job's/class's were you got level's up on classes, Is that what the Ranks are?

Rank's=Job level up?

And can you do that for the Armor's 2 (For the Wiki)
I suppose this is what "class Rank" means.
Lets say,
If you are a soldier, Rank "Trainee" with Lv 15.
You can only use up to a R2 Sword. (not a R3 or R4 Sword)

As in CrossGate, the "Trainee" rank can only hold up to a R4 equipment.
You need to get your job rank up, lets say "Formal Soldier" in order to hold a higher Sword (R5)

The requirement of raising your Job Rank (Not sure, Info from CrossGate)
- should be something related to "Special Title" which should be given by some NPC.
- need to do some misson(s)
- money also
- skill Lv or Chac. Lv reached the Setting stardard (ie. skill Lv4)