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Default Class/Benefits/Skills Guide

Classes/Benefits/Skills Guide:

Greetings and welcome to the Classes and Benefits Guide written by vom53.

First of all, let me get this straight. This guide can either harmed you or help you depending on the path you take.

So let begin, shall we?

The most important thing to know is that every class has a clan that max out its benefits during the game.

As you already know, the classes are:

  • Warrior
Warriors fight against enemies using special abilities while in close combat. However, attacking and defeating enemies is not the only job for warriors. The most important role for them is to acquire many skills, protect elementalists in battle and destroy the enemy's harmony using their strength. During times of war against the Insects, the Six Clan's warriors fought bravely and were made into legends.
  • Thief
Thief is not about just stealing. They take places by storm with agile motion, while they rob and assassinate enemies at the same time. Also, they possess close combat and undercover skills. They will move in on an enemy's group and deteriorate their morale by assassinating their leader or their elementalist Insects. They also show great prowess in the spying skill by sneaking.
  • Hunter
Every scene: retreat, seizure and convoy, was helped by their brilliant long-range attack skills. They always keep a suitable distance from the enemy and they spoil enemy's moral. They can make concentrated attacks on the enemy's leader or soldiers from a distance while safely remaining far away. Their combat skills have an edge on the battlefield and cause a decrease in the enemy's strength.
  • Illusionist
Over the past several wars, Insects protected elementalists who dealt powerful magic. Their power was inordinate. Then, the Six Clan's developed elementalists proactively in order to counter the Insect's magic. After many wars, elementalists who were well-experienced were able to use Insect magic. Illusionist can cast seal magic and they can strengthen party member's magic resistance. They also have the ability to use defensive magic.
  • Healer
A Healer's role is; providing healing on the battlefield. By using Cure magic, they fix up injured members and send back them to battlefield again. A Healer with high level skills can recover a party member who is battle-worn. During battles, a healer's existence is very important. They have excellent healing abilities, but at the same time, they also have a tendency to be targets of attack. They are a key element in an antagonistic war.
  • Elementalist
Elementalist's are trying to reconstruct the golden years of magic, the time of Gods. Therefore, strong magic spells have been created one after another and used in the war of Insects. Elementalist's magical attack power is extremely strong. Some powerful attack magic takes time to activate, but the effects are immeasurable. Many elementalists are able to attack enemies who are at a distance and can also deal fatal damage to single target.

However, the clan you choose for the classes does matter since it will determine your stats.

The break-downs are from most beneficial to less beneficial.
  • Warrior
    (monkey or taurus, tiger, dog, dragon)
Monkey- Help with quickness and accuracy, but low HP
Taurus-Strong and defensive. High HP (Whipstab is your friend in your earlier level.)
Tiger-Strong and quick, but warriors' skill are be messed up
Dog- Woof Woof! HP generation
Dragon- MP generation

  • Thief (monkey, tiger)
Monkey- You might wonder why you want a monkey. Monkey are quick and eat BANANAS, but has low HP. This is the best choice since thief have skills that can kill the enemy without loss of HP.
Tiger-Hmm....This is for close ranged thief or thief in training. Very good choice, but sometimes your skills are chopped up.

  • Hunter(taurus, dog, bird)
Taurus-Strong and defensive. High HP. The best for hunter since you can fight both close-range and far-range. Arrows are stronger, and the bull's skills help yourself in closed range while hunter's skills are enchanced by the bull.
Dog-HP generation and well it looks good and was always a tradition for most people in real life. Help hunter alot since mobs may come at you. Silencing Cry help you alot. Humans may betray you, but not dogs . Born in the year of the dog :P
Bird-Is best suit for magic type since two out of the three jobs this clan is for is mostly magic. MP generation though the wings will interfere with your hunter.


Level: the degree of your character growth
Stamina: HP and defense (Each point give you +10 HP and +3 physical defense)
Strength: Attack power (Each point increase physical attack +3)Intelligence: MP and magic attack (Each point increase MP+10 and +3 magic attack)
Agility: How much you can hit (For every 15 point, +1 critical)
Spirit: Avoiding magic (Each point increase a protective spell +3 and increase by 40 spell critical +1)
HP: HitPoints, the max damage your character received before dieding
MP: ManaPoints, mana is used for skills
CP: Value for consumers to use the skills of a technical character.
Physical Attack: how much your attack deal to monsters
Physical defense: your defense against monsters physical attack
Critical: the attack in which deal more damage than normal
Magic Attack: how much your spell deal against monsters
Magic defense: how much you can fight off magic from monsters
Magic critical: the magic attack in which deal more damage than normal
Light resistance: your resistance to light magic
Dark resistance: your resistance to dark magic
Spirit resistance: your resistance to elemental magic
Resistance methods: The value of resistance to magic secret
SP: SkillPoints, these are use to increase your skills

Common Skills:


  • Description: For emergency escapes. Transports to previous warp point.
  • Target: Self
  • Time chant: No
  • Interval: 30 Minutes
  • Get on Lv1

  • Description: Switches between beast form and human.
  • Target: myself
  • Time chant: No
  • Interval: No
  • Once you have reached level 3, you can receive a "Trial of Passage" from Minamoto, who is in the Holy Beast Castle Southtown . If you pass, you will gain "Transform" skill and be able to transform to the human form.


  • Description: Useable when RP is full. When Berserk, physical attack +100 and Movement +50%.
  • Target: myself
  • Time chant: No
  • Interval: --
  • Note: All RP-consuming, time effect is 100 seconds
  • Get on Lv3 "Adult Trial" Quest

    All RP
    +100 Physical attack power, movement speed +50%

Berserk Evo

  • Description:
  • Target: myself
  • Time chant: No
  • Interval: --
  • Note: All RP-consuming, time effect is 100 seconds
  • Get on Lv50 "Experiment will be strongly" Quest
    All RP
    +250 Physical attacks, magic attacks +250

    Critical +30, +40 spell critical

    +50% Movement speed
Art wind

  • Description: animal-exclusive skills.
    If you use 30 seconds, but his speed of the double
  • Target: myself
  • Chant time: 0.6 seconds
  • Interval: 2 minutes
  • Note: wasting SP: 0
  • How to learn Lv20 (Do the Quest)
    30 seconds, faster moving

Burst Mitsuteru

  • Description: significantly improve the ability to move quickly.
    After a certain period of time decreases the ability to invoke.
  • Target: myself?
  • Chant time: s
  • Interval: seconds
    • Additional wanted. SkillLv
      Notes LV1 Lv93 CP0

      LV2 Lv96 CP?

      LV3 Lv99 CP?
Compare the characters in Lv. 5:

Warrior: 428 HP, 112 CP/MP, 17 Stamina, 16 Strength, 3 Intelligence, 9 Agility, 7 Spirit, 62 Energy-Spirit
Thief: 334 HP, 120 CP/MP, 14 Stamina, 13 Strength, 3 Intelligence, 16 Agility, 7 Spirit, 63 Energy-Spirit
Hunter: 283 HP, 116 CP/MP, 12 Stamina, 10 Strength, 5 Intelligence, 12 Agility, 10 Spirit, 62 Energy-Spirit
Illusionist: 211 HP. 323 CP/MP, 9 Stamina, 6 Strength, 14 Intelligence, 5 Agility, 14 Spirit, 63 Energy-Spirit
Elementalist: 169 HP, 374CP/MP, 7 Stamina, 4 Strength, 16 Intelligence, 6 Agility, 16 Spirit, 63 Energy-Spirit
Healer: 251 HP, 293 CP/MP, 12 Stamina, 9 Strength, 12 Intelligence, 7 Agility, 12 Spirit, 63 Energy-Spirit

Comparing the Clans per Jobs:

Warriors: Tiger Dog Bull Monkey Dragon
Tiger (16) = Dog(16) -> Bull(15) = Monkey(15) = Dragon(15)
Wisdom: Dragon(7) -> Tiger(6) -> Monkey(5) = Bull(5) = Dog(5)
Stamina: Bull(13) -> Dragon (12) = Dog(12) -> Tiger(11) = Dog(11)
Agility: Dog(14) -> Monkey(12) -> Tiger(10) -> Dragon(7) = Bull(7)
Vitality: Bull(14) -> Dragon(13) = Monkey(13) -> Tiger(11) = Dog(11)
Intelligence: Dragon(6) = Tiger(6) = Bull(6) -> Monkey(4) = Dog(4)
Hunters: Dog Bull Hawk
Strength: Dog(14) = Hawk(14) -> Bull(13)
Wisdom: Hawk(7) = Bull(7) -> Dog(5)
Stamina: Dog(12) = Bull(12) -> Hawk(11)
Agility: Dog(14) -> Hawk (11) -> Bull(9)
Vitality: Bull(13) -> Dog(11) = Hawk (11)
Intelligence: Hawk(6) = Bull(6) -> Dog(4)
Mages: Tiger Dragon Monkey
Strength: Tiger(11) = Dragon(11) = Monkey(11)
Wisdom: Tiger(12) = Monkey(12) -> Dragon(11)
Stamina: Tiger( 8 ) = Dragon( 8 ) = Monkey( 8 ) <--- stupid Cool emote!
Agility: Dragon(6) = Monkey(6) -> Tiger(5)
Vitality: Tiger(10) -> Dragon(9) = Monkey(9)
Intelligence: Dragon(15) -> Tiger(14) = Monkey(14)
Thieves: Tiger Monkey
Strength: Tiger(14) -> Monkey(13)
Wisdom: Tiger(7) -> Monkey(6)
Stamina: Monkey(11) -> Tiger(9)
Agility: Monkey(15) -> Tiger(14)
Vitality: Monkey(10) = Tiger(10)
Intelligence: Tiger(6) -> Monkey(5)
Healers: Dragon Hawk Bull
Strength: Hawk(12) -> Dragon(11) = Bull(11)
Wisdom: Dragon(16) -> Bull(12) -> Hawk(9)
Stamina: Bull(11) = Hawk(11) -> Dragon(9)
Agility: Dragon(6) = Hawk(6) = Bull(6)
Vitality: Bull(10) = Hawk(10) -> Dragon(9)
Intelligence:Hawk(12) -> Bull(10) -> Dragon(9)

Compare the looks of animals in human form:
The space between the male and female showed how players view their looks.

(Note: All images removed.)


Credits: - The story for all classes and pictures for skills.
S-Hao - Comparing the clans for the jobs (I edit a little bit.)
kuyaBaka - Fixes for Common Skills

You may ask for things to be putted in this guide toward my email only.

Started on Jan. 22
Update: Jan 22
+Addition of Recommendations for Hunter
Update: Jan. 24
+Addition of section for Common Skills
+Addition of all information for common skills
Update: Jan. 24
+Addition of section for Status
+Addition of all information for status
Update: Jan. 24
+Addition of section comparing of characters
+Addition of all comparison of all characters
Update: Jan. 25
+Addition of note for comparison of all characters
Update: Jan. 25
+Add a section comparing looks for animal-human form
+Add all animals/humans
+Update color scheme of guide
Update: Jan. 25
+Add a section for comparing clans in different jobs
+Add all information for comparison for clans and the different jobs
Update: Jan. 26
+Fixed common skills information
Update: Mar. 29
+Edited formatting
+Revised information
+Added information about skills
+Fixed broken links
+Uploaded new images

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