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Default Holy Beast Online Sneak Peeks :3

Here are some nice videos you can watch when you have nothing better to do n__n; It show some of the gameplay and clans in-game as well so have fun and watch while you wait for your chance to play.

Disclaimer: These videos are from Non-English servers so I am not responsible for any differences they might have with the Official English server.

This video show a newbie from the Bird Clan in action. Note the nice transform animation and pretty wings on the human character. The very last seconds of the video made me laugh :3 such a cute widdle chicken.

This video shows off some job skills of the Illusionist. The character casting is a high leveled character. Just look at his wings that betray the fact his animal form is at its highest evolution. The cute dragon next to him during the video is a dragon of the second evolution, a step lower than the Bird Clan character next to him.

This video show of a player of the Dog Clan. You can see him performing various emotes. When he changes into Beast Mode you can see his level is not very high but nevertheless you must admit he's adorable.

Very cute trailer portraying many of the nice features. For those curious about about the Beast Form Evolution, they show the second stage in this video as well. I highly suggest you watch this X3 Top notch!

For those who like cute things :3 I can't help but want to grab the birdy and squish it. Prepare to go 'Awww...' For those unaware, the cute star thingy is a first stage pet.

For people who want to prepare themselves for the errors we are sure to get in beta stage X3 This shows a newbie tiger attacking an enemy. Reminds me of a kitty playing with wool n_n;

This is it for now :3 If you wish to watch more just click on the related videos after opening any of these videos. If you find a video of a foreign HBO server you think other users should watch for sure make sure to post it here!

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