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Default Is mana shield worth it and is my build for PvE efficient?

I'm currently a level 53 staff main and I was wondering is mana shield worth it?

This is my skill distribution for staff main: lvl 31 blessing, lvl 5 will, 16 hex and 1 scud (I will remove will and hex for scud but it'll cost me a TON of gold) (yes, I screwed up but restarting again discourages me)

and this is my current formation :

I'm planning on getting witch soon to fill that empty spot and replace my spear for exo eventually.
Not sure on future mercs though except that I will replace sword for LK. Replace gunner for cannoneer maybe?

So it might look like this:
BT/LK/Exo (with guard stone)

For my witch though, I'm going for max meteor but, should I get both mana recharge and mana drain?
For my exo I'm maxing speed cast and some points into mana seal but is mana burn worth it?
This will be mostly a PvE (probably AoE skill) build with maybe about 10-15% PvP (if I PvP it'll be mainly for FL).
If I could get an oracle then where should I put it (for healing purposes and maybe seth...)?
Another thing: how does mana shield work and if so is it worth it?

Please comment and make suggestions, ok thanks.

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