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I dunno if I should reply here, But I dunno how to use PM QQ

May be I can add a few more info from my exp. in CrossGate.
But I havent try Concentro Gate, So info. may not correct.
And Sorry if my English presenting is BAD.

Q5. How do I regen hp/mp?!?! I've been sitting for an hour and it hasn't gone up! Also I accidently died, whats this x floating around me?!

A5. Nurses will heal hp for free up to level 10 (from level 11 onwards it costs money), but mp will cost you money, I know, it sucks for a beginner who wasn't lucky with his gifts. As for the x, it means you're injured, your exp gain will be reduced. I do not know if this goes away with time, but you can get it cured at a doctor, sadly for a fee that most new players can't afford.
This should not go away unless you find a doctor. For collecting resources, you may also get injured. Alternative for healing is learning a healing skill (治療) which I dont think It is open yet.

Q19. My skill just graded up, what does that do?

A19. I'm not certain on all the details but there seems to be a small increase in effectiveness when a skill grades up. Also I believe later on other skills will need you to have your skills in certain grades to learn. An example of this is in the description of Ki Kung shot.
For this, In CrossGate, when you level up your Skills, the effectiveness will be increased.
But then you may find out you cant use a certain Level skill.
Lets say,
Your skill is at Lv3 but you cant used it (You are at Lv 15)
You have to be in Lv 20 in order to use a Lv 3 Skill.
(Well, I dunno exactly know if CG2 work like this, but this is the basic concept of CG)
Character Lv 1~9 ==> Skill Lv1
Character Lv10~19 ==> Skill Lv2
Character Lv20~29 ==> Skill Lv3
and so on...
(Same goes as the Equipment, if the concepts are the same)

Other than the Lv using restriction,
There should also be "special/dedicated" skill.
Cleric, should be dedicated using Healing Skill, and also can learn Offensive Magic Skill.
ie. Healing skill can be trained up to Lv10, but Offensive Magic Skill can only up to Lv6.
Exp. gain for using "special" skill of your occupation should be doubled.

Party exp, whats the penalties? Penalties in difference of levels? This topic should shed some light on this!
ConcertoGate :: View topic - level differences and exp penalty
Personally I was wondering if I should test out the penalties myself but I'm way too lazy as some of you know. Now I wont have to!
The best Exp. gained should be +-5 (well, in CrossGate)
ie, if you are Lv5, you should be fighting a Lv10 monster to gain the BEST exp.
I think the concept should be the same, most new players in CrossGate didnt know this too.

Pet Info

As I said earlier, you can make your pets tank. But the reverse is also true as Twinsun pointed out. It all depends on your preferences, and certain pets are better at some roles than others. I posted how to change pet actions earlier in a Q/A but I'll do it again here.

Attack - it will auto attack every time its ready, normal physical attacks only from my experience so far.

Do Nothing - it will stand there and auto guard any physical attack made against it, perfect for tanking.

Auto - It will do whatever it thinks is best, sometimes uses spells.

Go Carefully - much like auto, seems to have a higher probability of casting spells however.

Manual - You get a combat menu for your pet exactly the same as your own.

Do not use items - I assume this is for pets that can use items, this is probably like auto except they wont use items.
Interesting Topic here,

I am not so sure about this "tanking" thing.
Pets in CrossGate have Limited Skill learning Space and we needed to Make decision for them (like manually, exactly the same as myself)
There is also a skill calling "Do nothing", but the little pet wont get any Exp. if we choose this.
Our little pets in CrossGate usually born with skills like Attack and Defence.
I guess systems in Concentro are different.

I found something relating about this,
this "tanking" thing.

It is just basically a "Defense" skill. Enemies on the other side can only hit the front line.

Different pets can learn different skills, so experiment around with teaching them if you want. You only lose 5g buying and selling back basic spell books so its no biggie. I'll post a list at the bottom of this section for pets that I've confirmed can learn what skills.

The most basic setups are - Pet on do nothing / manual in front row and they tank. Then theres you stand there and tank in front row, pet is in back on either auto/go carefully/manual. They cast the spells or attack and do the damage

It is also possible to switch pets mid battle through use of the items option and going to the pet tab.

Loyalty, were all wondering about this. It is represented by HMG in the pet status menu. Its been confirmed that dying will lower it. But what will raise it? Currently I do not know an answer, post if you do. It does seem to have a relation to your level and your pets level however. Lower level pets tend to have a higher loyalty while pets higher than you have a lower one.
Another topic about PETS!!

There is a few reasons behind this. (Raising, or Lowering)
[Of course again info. are from my favourite CrossGate]
As you have confirmed, Dying will lower the loyalty.

Also, The value of "charm / fascination / glamour" of the owner (means you) would also affect the loyalty of the pets.
[As I stated again, I havent tried CG2 yet, I dunno if there anything called "charm"]
You can gain your charm by level up, you will loss charm if you died.
(lv up +5, dying -2, fly back to town -5)

[I saw the screenshot and found out that there surely have Charm (CHM) of the character]

The third one would be the "special" skill (調教), which I dont think have opened yet.
(I recken there should have this skill)

Pets in CrossGate having too low loyalty may Run Away. [or attack owner, Not listening to the owner(NoNo)]

OH, I forget to tell how to Raise the loyalty.
There is a few ways to do it (but each one only have little helps):
- Help fill the hp of your pets (during the battle)
- Rebirth(!?), pull him back up(?!) when he had died (within the same battle)
- Let your pet killed the emenies (last strick)
- Feed him some "special items" (which I dont think CG2 have yet)
- Learn the "Special Skill" I had talked in the above.

Pets really is an interesting topics in CrossGate.
I dunno if you had noticed or if CG2 not have this system,
each pets you catch/get, would have different Statues.
They are not like haveing standard same value.

Thus, I think "Catching Pets" topic should be highlighted,
every new players dont know how to do it. 0.o
Ohoh, I think you guys have mastered the Catching processdure.
First step : You need to have already gotten the monster's card of whatever you want to tame. This is a low percentage drop. It will start out unidentified as ?. You can head over to the adventurers inn and get it identified, and likely in the future identifiers can do it for you as well. Use the card and add it to your album.
( Note that apparently some people say its possible to skip this step and capture a monster without needing it in your album. Maybe the chance is just drastically lowered? I know that in the info the sealer npc gives, he says you need the card. Possiblities are either 1. this is a bug, or 2. You can capture monsters from a party member's album. I know that alone, I've used 30+ cards and couldn't capture a goblin that a friend could do within a few cards. )
I dunno if 2. (capture monsters from a party member's album) works, but it surely wont work in CrossGate. You MUST have the monster's card in oder to catch it.
And the chance of catching a monster is really low if you are not a sealer.
It surely is luck.

Second step : Head over to the magic shop. There will be an npc selling sealing cards. Open up your album, its in status. Check its type, then buy the card pertaining to its type. Currently you can use R2 cards, wether they have a higher success, who can say, but I assume they would.
The TWs guys have worked out the ratio increased, but usually Lv 1 is far enough unless you are going to catch a "Silver" card monster. (Which should only can be catched by Sealer) And be sure you buy the right type of Sealing Card.

Final step : Go out and find your monster. Start using the sealing cards until you capture it. Unconfirmed suspicions are they work like pokeballs in pokemon, where its a higher success rate if you weaken them. Also Araara says that some monsters cant be captured, the ones with the golden cards in the album. I'd assume this is correct, since it says in the job description of sealers that they can seal special monsters that nobody else can. You can try, but you'll probably end up wasting many many sealing cards to no avail. (Credit to Araara for the golden card info)
Pokemon!!! It surely basically the same.
If you weaken them, you can catch them easilier.
If you put him to sleep (Which should not be opened yet), you can catch easiler.
Also, up level your skill as the sealer.
(Which I assume there is a Special Skill for him)
Golden Card Monster......
I dunno how CG2 get this type of Card, but can I assume they are from "lotto" thing!?
If so, You cant catch this type of Monster, but you may win him from playing the "Lotto".

There is 3 types of color card in CrossGate
Normal, Silver, Gold
Normal one can be catched by every Jobs, but sealer would have higher possibility.
[There is some specials, like the pet which the king gives you after your 1st arrival, I dont think you can see him anywhere around]
Silver can only be catched by sealer, may also need higher Lv of Sealing Card.
Golden one usually wins from playing lotto, special type of Pets.

And there also one type cant be sealed, with a cross sign.
ie. Thiefs

[And I had realised, I didnt indicated that I am talking about Lv1 pets]

I should state it once again, I have not yet tried the Concentro Gate yet.
So Information May NOT be Accurate.

I hope I can gives all CG2 lovers some guides from my Experience in CrossGate.
Pets system is surely a hard thing to understand.
(I dunno if they had changed it)

And I hope to have more info about the job indicated.
I wanna play wanderer or Cleric.

I really wish I could try out the CB ><

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