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Hi there,
I am a Hong Kong CrossGate (CG) Players (Super Fans as well)
I guess you guys should know that CG2 (Concertro Gate) is the sequel of CG.

I found out that CG2 have English Version today, and happily downloaded for trying. Unluckly, It turned out that the server closed down for quite a while.

As I known, Jap have already closed down CG and started selling CG2 up to the market.
However the effect of CG2 is not very good.

The TW provider of CG seems not interested to become CG2 provider too. So, no news of CG2 will be on TW online game market.
However, HK/Macau Server has already hosted the CCB (Limited Private Testing Time) which I had missed the applying time (*sad*)

Oh, and the mainland China have already launched CG2, but I am not interested in "Simpilfier Chinese". So, nothing can be shared.

It seems like CG2 promotion is having quite a bit trouble with different Countries.
By the word, they are "dicussing" the future of CG2 which makes me think that the money problem is not sloved yet. (ie. Incoming sharing proportion)

I wish I can try out the English version of CG.
(But It seems like the Cha. Garfic is not looking Cute in CG2)

AND please dont hate SQUARE ENIX.
I think they really did a Good Job in Developing CrossGate.
Many players played CrossGate for like more than 6 years.
My account is like Fxxxx2002Kxxx (Which means I started playing in year 2002 until now)