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Originally Posted by Mickmaster
/sorry for double post
but why does everybody just constantly ignore me?
you also have to accept the fact that not everyone will like your work. im not trying to be mean or anything, but that's life. your thread did way better than mine, and i can see that you have talent. give it some time, finish up any requests, and keep adding to your gallery. eventually, people will flock to this thread because of all the pretty pictures in the first post then you'll be getting migraines from all the requests you will get. But that phase will take some time to come to, so just keep trying to improve your work for now. there may be those that just lurk the art threads (like me), so those people might be your only traffic for a while.

also, if you want to liven up your thread, try to update more regularly. or at least tell people when you won't be here. i can see that you last edited your first post 2 weeks ago, and that there was a 1 week gap between two of your posts. im pretty sure you could've finished a request or make a new shiny siggy in that time, lol. i almost thought you gave up on this thread during that week of silence.

edit: forgot to mention that i like your work so please dont give up~! lol