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Originally Posted by XooSliceooX

O hai, I see you do Fate/Stay Night. :V
I request??
Err, I'll request the exact same as your Dark Saber sig, just that replace the character with Shiro Emiya o:?

Name: No, you don't have to. :v
Size: Same as example Dark Saber sig.
Color: Red? x_x
Text: [Nothing]
Subtext: [Nothing]
Special Notes: Err, no spray marks-thing around the character? o:
Image(s): Any stock image will do.
Requesting For: Sig.
Time to complete : Take your time to do it. No rush :x

That's all. I think. Thanks in advance.
Maybe because you left out a request but did your personal signature first? Or that you didn't include a slot for him (your first post) which probably made him feel the request is being ignored by you?

Lazyness is okay lol /o/ I do it too, but normally I would consider finishing requests that are waiting for me before making something nice for myself.

I do like your latest sig though (: Nice colors.

Thanks Glarbage!