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Default Concerto Gate Q&A

This was meant to be a blog entry, but too long so it's here

Written by Moogles on main Concerto Gate forum(GamesCampus)

Originally Posted by Moogles

General discussion is welcome here as well, as well as any new info on working and non-working quests as I have a list of quests that cannot be finished.

First, a link to a detailed map.
ConcertoGate :: View topic - High Quality Fanburg Map (labeled)

Element Info
ConcertoGate :: View topic - Element & Races guide

On with the questions

Q1. First and foremost, what people wonder when creating a character, What do stats do?!

A1. ConcertoGate :: View topic - Stat Raising Guide this topic shows a nifty summary of what each stat gives

Q2. Possibly THE MOST asked question on the forums. OMGOMGOMG HOW DO I GET A JOB?!?!

A2. Honestly, this question is like on every page so theres no need to put it here, but what the hell. Currently, due to a bug with the auto dungeon system, all quests that use it will have a message saying that a mysterious force prevents you from entering. Whats this have to do with a job? Simple, to get a job you need to finish the quest the Green Card. This can be started in the throne room at the npc Employment Guide Book. You then must go to Oscar. Wheres Oscar you ask? Try looking right next to the person you just talked to. Get his follow up quest and go back to the hall of trials and talk to Armay. He'll send you down to the tomb. Once you enter you'll find these strange stones which will ask you questions. It is at this point that the bug stops you.

The answers are as follows
The Kingdom is "Fahren"
The Capitol is "Fanburg"
The Castle is "Lycelia"

However, even if you answer correctly at this point a mysterious force will stop you. Long story short, you cannot get a job at this point until they fix it.


A3. Simple, when you go to system in your menu, you'll have the option to log out. You can then return to character selection or a login gate. Choose login gate, you will not be logged out but rather be ported back to town.

Q4. Yea the previous things are good to know but useless to me, I accidently missed the beta key giveaway, how do I get one now?

A4. You beg on the forums, but this is severely frowned upon at least by me, the logical answer would be to just wait until open beta and you can play then.

Q5. How do I regen hp/mp?!?! I've been sitting for an hour and it hasn't gone up! Also I accidently died, whats this x floating around me?!

A5. Nurses will heal hp for free up to level 10 (from level 11 onwards it costs money), but mp will cost you money, I know, it sucks for a beginner who wasn't lucky with his gifts. As for the x, it means you're injured, your exp gain will be reduced. I do not know if this goes away with time, but you can get it cured at a doctor, sadly for a fee that most new players can't afford.

Q6. So no jobs does that mean I'm stuck with no skills since I lost my trial ones?

A6. You can still buy some skills that even novices can use. Fighter skills are bought at the arena in the southern district, and magic skills can be bought at the western district's magic shop. There are also some harvesting skills available. How do you tell which skills you can use? Simple, there should be an npc near whoever is selling skill books. They look like a guard and usually have Guide at the end of their name (at arena its physicist). When you talk to one, they will give you a list of type of skills. Simply click on one of the options to learn what skills you can learn of that type. If they say you cant learn anything, then don't buy skill books related to it. Also if you read the description in some of the books, they may have a requirement, such as a certain skill of a certain grade. More on this in Q19/A19.

Q7. I got my skills, yes! Now what do I do? Just grind pointlessly until this character gets wiped?

A7. There are a few working quests out there that can be completed to the very end. I have written a sloppy guide to some of them, these are all I know of that can be completed to the end at this moment. Feel free to post any others you know of. The link to the post is here. ConcertoGate :: View topic - Working Quests

Q8. These quests are hard, I can't do it alone. How do I find other people to help me out?

A8. There's really no efficient way that I know of so far. It comes down to just asking people you see if they want to do it together. If it were up to me, I'd make the adventurers inn at eastern district a gathering place, it's certainly fit to be one. But you're more often than not going to have better luck at the magic shop or one of the hospitals. Sometimes hanging around the quest giver will let you find people trying to do it as well. It helps to make friends and exchange cards, as you can mail them later on when you guys need to do stuff.

Q9. Even with a group, these guys are still too hard! They're twice our level too! How do we do this without needing 100 potions?!

A9. Make sure everyone has a pet and have them tank. How do you do this you say? First go to status and set yourself to the back row, when the battle starts your pet will start in front of you. Now don't take any actions yet, next to the items button, you'll see a bar with an arrow on either side. This is the pet bar. As you have learned in the tutorial, or should have at least, standing still will put you into a defensive mode. So following along those lines, if you set your pet to "Do Nothing" what happens? It goes into defensive mode as well! Now you have a meat shield that will block every attack for you. This will not save you from aoe spells however, so action break (interrupt) those with melee attacks if you see a monster charging up for it. An alternative setup is listed in pet info.

Q10. Woot! I completed it, I got a certificate. Come to think of it, the tutorial gave me one too? What should I do? The npc buys it for a whole 49g! I should sell it and buy skills right?!

A10. Wrong, if you right click and use it, it'll end up showing how much time is left until you can cash it in at a Proof Merchant. Confirmed, each certificate is different, but the one from the tutorial is worth a whopping 500g. Makes you glad you didn't sell it for 49g doesn't it? So far the certificates seem to need you to wait 24 hours upon receiving it before cashing it in.

Q11. So like I did all the quests you listed already, now what?

A11. You can wait until they fix the other quests, or you can go level for the event, or better yet, go exploring and post any new completable quests you know of. The guide I posted is just what I have found so far, it is by no means a complete listing. I am just a normal player like you after all.

Q12. Money, I severely lack this. How do I get more?

A12. Unfortunately I do not know of any good methods besides leveling in a group with others. You get congratulatory gifts for each other's level ups which include gold or other things you can sell if you're lucky. You will also kill faster making cubes drop faster. Theres also the method of making a new character to run through the tutorial and selling whatever he gets, including the pet in the pet shop at the southern district. Then deposit it into the bank and log on your main and take it out. Rinse and repeat. I tried this however, and it pails in comparison to simply leveling in a group.


A13. No it's not a bug as far as I know. You simply went to far and are now in high level monster territory. So far there are no visible boundaries, just be careful not to wander too far out.

Q14. My stuffs wearing down, oh god oh god I'm gonna be naked soon, what do I do now?

A14. Relax buddy, theres a repairman in the adventurers inn, east district. Whats his name? It's Repairman......what, I'm serious here. Then again, with the hefty fees he charges, you'll probably be naked anyways. I'm sorry. [[ IMPORTANT NOTE : Unequip your stuff first! ]]

Q15. [Insert question of how to modify chat here] or how do I PM?

A15. On your chat window you have the options to modify size, color, and range. You can also switch between group and all chat. Sadly there is no method of pming besides sending a mail to someone you have exchanged cards with.

Q16. What is with the - and + numbers below the damage?

A16. The - shows how much damage is reduced from the attack, + is added. These are effected by resistances / elements and things like that. You'll probably have noticed some elements that do the same base damage don't lower a monster's hp as much, this is why. More detailed explanation on elements in the link at top before the questions.

Q17. I did Jack's quest and the Legend of the 5 heroes quest, but I cant go back to the tunnel or the sewers. How do I go back?!

A17. Wait 24 hours and turn in your certificate. You can now pickup the exact same quest! Wether this is a bug or not, who can say, most likely it is cause it makes no sense to do the same storyline over and over. (credits to Chaosye for informing me)

Q18. Help my pet is going berserk! Whats wrong with it?

A18. This is because it's loyalty is too low. Read more on pet loyalty below in the pet info. So far this only happens if you try to order it when its loyalty is low, I've had no problems keeping it on do nothing/auto/go carefully/attack.

Q19. My skill just graded up, what does that do?

A19. I'm not certain on all the details but there seems to be a small increase in effectiveness when a skill grades up. Also I believe later on other skills will need you to have your skills in certain grades to learn. An example of this is in the description of Ki Kung shot.

Q20. What the hell, the npc that was just here was gone. Also that npc that was in your guide wasn't in that location! You LIED! You're a liar! I'm gonna cry now!

A20. I'm not a liar! Well maybe I am, but anyways, time affects certain aspects of the game, such as what npcs will appear or what quests you can do. The time bar is on your mini map box, the bar with the sun / moon that will either be yellow or dark blue.
Random Info :

Party leaders seem to get congratulatory gifts instead of minis like other party members when party members level / their pets level. Not Confirmed, further info would be great.

After level 10 you no longer get free heals. It does seem that your gifts get better however, such as r2 pigments (yay?) and 200g occasionally.

Currently I have no idea on where Element Crystals / Pigments / Monster coins are used. Further info would be appreciated if you know. As the description says, Crystals add attributes when you decorate stuff, (weapon / armor smiths?) pigments color armor, (armor smiths too?) and monster coins...are used as monster currency? (no clue on this, a new town? a monster shop? something not implemented currently at least)

Party exp, whats the penalties? Penalties in difference of levels? This topic should shed some light on this!
ConcertoGate :: View topic - level differences and exp penalty
Personally I was wondering if I should test out the penalties myself but I'm way too lazy as some of you know. Now I wont have to!

When mining, as soon as you hit the ground for the 6th time, switch to an equipment set with no weapon and you'll get the copper without spending any mana. Credits to ChaoticVibe


Pet Info

As I said earlier, you can make your pets tank. But the reverse is also true as Twinsun pointed out. It all depends on your preferences, and certain pets are better at some roles than others. I posted how to change pet actions earlier in a Q/A but I'll do it again here.

During combat, before taking an action, next to your item option you'll have a bar with arrows on either side, this is your pet bar. Scrolling through it you'll have a couple of actions.

Attack - it will auto attack every time its ready, normal physical attacks only from my experience so far.

Do Nothing - it will stand there and auto guard any physical attack made against it, perfect for tanking.

Auto - It will do whatever it thinks is best, sometimes uses spells.

Go Carefully - much like auto, seems to have a higher probability of casting spells however.

Manual - You get a combat menu for your pet exactly the same as your own.

Do not use items - I assume this is for pets that can use items, this is probably like auto except they wont use items.

Different pets can learn different skills, so experiment around with teaching them if you want. You only lose 5g buying and selling back basic spell books so its no biggie. I'll post a list at the bottom of this section for pets that I've confirmed can learn what skills.

The most basic setups are - Pet on do nothing / manual in front row and they tank. Then theres you stand there and tank in front row, pet is in back on either auto/go carefully/manual. They cast the spells or attack and do the damage

It is also possible to switch pets mid battle through use of the items option and going to the pet tab.

Loyalty, were all wondering about this. It is represented by HMG in the pet status menu. Its been confirmed that dying will lower it. But what will raise it? Currently I do not know an answer, post if you do. It does seem to have a relation to your level and your pets level however. Lower level pets tend to have a higher loyalty while pets higher than you have a lower one.

Getting a new pet.

Accidentally sold your pet? Well the first and easiest method of replacing it would be make a new character, get a new one, and trade it through the bank. But for some who already have a pet, they want a new one, something that will make them stand out and make the crowds go "WOW look at him and his pet!"

First step : You need to have already gotten the monster's card of whatever you want to tame. This is a low percentage drop. It will start out unidentified as ?. You can head over to the adventurers inn and get it identified, and likely in the future identifiers can do it for you as well. Use the card and add it to your album.
( Note that apparently some people say its possible to skip this step and capture a monster without needing it in your album. Maybe the chance is just drastically lowered? I know that in the info the sealer npc gives, he says you need the card. Possiblities are either 1. this is a bug, or 2. You can capture monsters from a party member's album. I know that alone, I've used 30+ cards and couldn't capture a goblin that a friend could do within a few cards. )

Second step : Head over to the magic shop. There will be an npc selling sealing cards. Open up your album, its in status. Check its type, then buy the card pertaining to its type. Currently you can use R2 cards, wether they have a higher success, who can say, but I assume they would.

Final step : Go out and find your monster. Start using the sealing cards until you capture it. Unconfirmed suspicions are they work like pokeballs in pokemon, where its a higher success rate if you weaken them. Also Araara says that some monsters cant be captured, the ones with the golden cards in the album. I'd assume this is correct, since it says in the job description of sealers that they can seal special monsters that nobody else can. You can try, but you'll probably end up wasting many many sealing cards to no avail. (Credit to Araara for the golden card info)

Pet List of skills

Imp - Volcano
Walking Flower - Volcano, Ice Frost, Banish, Meteo Strike
Flower Smell - Volcano, Ice Frost, Banish, Meteo Strike
Goblin - Crushing Blow, All or Nothing, Double Edged Sakura Sword, Blind
Goblin Orb - Crushing Blow, All or Nothing, Double Edged Sakura Sword, Blind

Side notes : There are a few quests that I have tried and are unable to complete due to bugs at this moment or simply my lack of knowledge. They are as follows,

Den of Evil - from Kim in the bar, after being thrown in prison and reaching the end of the first floor, mysterious forces stop you from using the stairs.

Treasure hunt - Gotten from an npc southwest of the bandit hideout, he gives you a treasure map. Upon using it, it describes 3 locations. I could not find these locations, or if I did, I found nothing that I could interact with.

The Mystery of the Ruin and the Lumberjack - follow up after the 5 heroes quest, requires you to go to Eel but the bridge is broken. He says I need cultivation yet I cant learn any cultivation skills yet, any info on this? My thoughts are we have to wait until job change.

Vegetable Owner's Request - southern district, he gives you a quest to go down the hole. Mysterious forces block this.

Please tell me if this has to go in the Questions section
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