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Originally Posted by aLo
The bathroom. we renovating, and it is releasing some deadly fumes rofl. I was dying like almost getting high from it D:. Then my mom kicked me out of the house so I don't die x3.
[sarcasm]Perhaps she should have let you stay in? [/sarcasm] Anyway, it sounds like some kind of renovation. Are they, like, fixing the pipes or something...? I'm sure it wo--never mind, I really don't want to know... The only time it's ever been that bad was in the summer of '02 when my house was infested with ants because I left a batch of cookies on the table before we left for L.A. for a week. When my family came back, the dining room was infested.

I got out the Ant Killer and sprayed it. The fumes were disgusting, so then I got out some air freshener to liven up the smell. It was still pungent, and the "fragrance" of lavender and toxic chemicals was...erm...distinct.