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Schedule looked worse than i thought. I will be 90% inactive during weekdays and maybe weekends due to school work and family reasons.
1.My dad hates me. He decided today that i should have an absolute time to when i sleep, need to be sleeping by around 12am. If he finds me awake, i get in a rather big trouble.
2.If he sees me playing games in general at night=no more pc & my college tuition will be cut off permanently. (meaning i will be kicked out of the house, and dropping my college).
3.My dad forces me to go shopping and do stuff with him during weekends all day. Although most of the time he only lectures me about dumb crap and i end up pissed off when i get home...
4.I have a lot of homework to do.
-Essays every week that is used for business class meetings.
-General Homework such as research, discrete math homework, etc.
-Photoshop CS3 work that needs to be turned in every thursday. (takes about 90min+ each)
5.Have to study business level japanese very soon.
6. Going to take night time training in Taijutsu(japanese martial arts) for 2hours per class.

Note: My dad is.... um.... messed up... I'm getting the high grades and doing my stuff but now he's angry for some reason and i'm the one being being burned for it. WTF. I have no clue what he's trying to demand out of me. I seriously want to move out of this house right now... But i have to take care of my mom and the dog...

I'm seriously getting sick of this **** that my dad gives me.
If things come to worse, i'm leaving it up to you 1ndex and Kstyle to kick me from guild if my inactiveness gets bad enough.

I was about to punch my dad in the face today... *sigh*
I'm getting tired. Will be on LaTale when i can. I might be able to sneak in time during the morning or lunch or something.

I'll be more active on sf. Will post updates on this issue when i can.

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