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IGN: VoltageSan
Class: Hybrid Dagger Explorer lt_explorer
Level: 54
Guild: None

Read the Guild Rules:
N-...Y...N....... YES BABY!
Character IGN:
VoltageSan (Betcha didn't see that coming?)
Character Job/Class:
Hybrid Dagger Explorer (Sexy Right?)
Character Level:
... Eleven ...
I am on every day for many hours unless I am spending time with my girlfriend.
Main Character:
Yes Indeedie (Its like... My only, besides the failure of a Mage. I SHUN YOU MAGE!)
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is:

Real Name:
16 (Weren't expect that either EH!?... Nah you were.)
Yonkers NewYork
Time Zone:
What you do for a living:
Leech off my parents and go to school o-o?
Type of music you enjoy:
Heavy Metal, Rock, Classical Rock, Some Classical, Rap - ONLY EMINEM and even then its rare, Techno, probably a few others
Reason You Want To Join Royalty:
I wish to join a guild with literate kind people that know how to follow the rules and wont make fun of me because of my level ~Has happened almost ten times now (8 To be precise)~ As well as to have fun with people willing to give help so when I finally get up there, I can give help too. >.o