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IGN: Raphell
Class: Wizard lt_mage

Sup I'm Raphael I'm 23 with an afro i'm a lowly wizard (who wishes to have an afro in-game)
I'm a guitarist,a writer and an artist(mad rusty tho just got a sketchbook and whatnot),I mostly play Melodic Death Metal or Gothic Doom Metal and i play alot of classic rock and metal ,well...i can play anystyle but, currently tho i'm helping out my friends vg cover band with coming up with melodies for 'em since for some reason they cant pick out certain FF songs xD
i love rolling Ls...if your from new york u know what that means x]
i'm basically a metal hippie(if theres such thing) oh if you havent noticed, if i'm not gaming...i like to type alot. I am going to Kyoto this summer to visit relatives then to Spain to visit more of 'em and to see if the countryside in either place will inspire my playing.

uh yeah....^^' sorri for so much writing