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IGN: Look behind you and ask them.

It's like the entire budget of the season--nay, the series--was poured into the very last four episodes. x_x

Epic is an understatement. For the first time, there was no fluctuation in anything. Everything was top notch the whole way through--animation, voice acting, dialogue (and I do mean the writing, which I usually criticized as coming off as forced or overly cliche'd at many different points), character insight (another of my strongest critiques), and action.

And the best part is--the hint of a cliffhanger looms in the air with a certain character's questions and the lack of resolution with another character. If it weren't for these two things, the end of the war against the Fire Nation would have wrapped up itself nicely, but I can't help thinking those two things were mentioned intentionally (and quite boldly at that) for a reason.

Perhaps a conflict bigger than the Fire Nation is on its way. A long time ago, I suspected the series would end on Book of Fire, but my friend thought there'd be a Book of Air for the sake of balance, although I argued with him that it would be unnecessary since Aang is Air, more or less. I wonder if he'll end up being right, after all.

@Kowiz: Azula going crazy was awesome. Especially if you perceive her the way I do.

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