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Originally Posted by Kari
Before I ask my questions, is this alright?
Category:LT Monster - Wiki
I changed the Table to look...prettier.
Also, is it possible to remove the "Subcategory" thing?
I don't mind the MONSTER LIST, but the Subcategories are pointless with the Table RIGHT ABOVE IT using the same information. *nod nod*

If you don't like it, go ahead and revert it.
At the moment, I really don't have a set table I was thinking of putting on the main page. It may make more sense to simply remove the table, giving the sub-category links use instead. However, I'm not really sure.

The subcategories cannot be removed though, so they'll have to stay there.

Okay, so I edited everything on the Level 1 to 9 Page.
LaTale:Monsters Level 1 - 9 - Wiki

1> What should we put under SKILLS?
Someone put in "Lunge" for Priring, which I think I understand.
Prirings are the type of monster that "Lunge" at you to attack.
Should we put this under every monster that does that? And is it okay to be making up skill names for the monsters? I don't know what to do with the skills anymore.
I made Wild Boar have "Rush" because, along with attacking, they do that Rushing thing.

Not sure if I should put Lunge on each monster that does it.
And also, if they do, should I list them under "Attack Type", or "Skills"?
It's not really a SKILL if they do it for their only attack, is it?
Not sure what to do here.
I designed Skills for real monster skills (when a speech bubble appears with a name and all) and also the types of attacks the monster has.

Attack Type is meant to express if the monster will attack you if you simply walk by it. I changed it to say "Active?" now instead.

I would say basically anything that isn't a normal attack can be put as a skill. It's pretty much up to the user to think of a name for it, though you don't need to think of anything special. I think this can be discussed later on.

2> Should I be saving as Minor Edits?
Totally forgot about the whole Minor Edit thing when I was editing the pages...
So there's probably a TON of edits on the log from me right now. >_>
Anyway, SHOULD I be minor editing when doing monsters/items/whatnot?
If so, when?
It really doesn't matter, to my knowledge it only is a sign to other wiki users when they View History that you only changed something slight and not a lot about the page, I guess. You don't need to use it anyway though.

3> Elemental Stones
Okay, the whole Elemental Stone thing is becoming annoying.
In-game they are named in this way:
[Element]Stone Type
Where they put the Element in [Brackets] and then the type of Stone it is RIGHT after the Close Bracket]with no spaces.

Thing is, you can't use brackets in the Wiki Link because it'll mess it all up.
So instead, we use (Parenthesis).
And I realized, there's already 4 items on the list for Elemental Stones.
Earth Fire Water Wind

The way it's currently listed is:
Wiki Page Name
(Element) Stone Name
Item Name
(Element) Stone Name

Notice the SPACE and the use of (Parenthesis) instead of [Brackets]
The way I THINK it should be listed:

Wiki Page Name
(Element)Stone Name
Item Name
[Element]Stone Name

This way, the page name is as SIMILAR to the Item Name in-game as it can be.
And the Item Name is exactly correct.

With only 4 Stones listed right now, it's not too late to change the page names, either.
But I'd like to hear opinions on this topic.
Spaces are always used after parentheses in page titles, just how I like to operate things. So sorry for any annoyance it may cause, but the pages should be named (Element) Stone Name, and should be linked to it like that also.
4> Monsters By Level/Location Pages
These pages lack information.
The [although not needed] Level Subcategory doesn't list all of the monsters.
About the same with the Location Subcategory, but this one doesn't have a table to make up for it.
The table can be found on the actual pages themselves, not on the subcategory at the moment though.

The monster pages are undergoing some tweaking, as I try to figure out the best way to present them and what not.