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Originally Posted by Awex
I have 2 questions...(or a few <_>)

I got something that didn't give this supposed to happen (I got some cat tail on my Eir)

There's a level limit to some equips, right? If you open a box, will you get the set closest to your level? (Rounded down)...What level req are the Angel sets? o.o

Thanks! :3
There are some items that don't give stats, it's normal. It's mainly the equips that aren't ... "important", is how I would word it.
I'm 99% sure there's a level 1+ set and 45+ set like the other Random Box sets.
As for the level rounding, I don't think you'll get the set closest, although I'm not 100% sure x_x; It seems like that's the case most of the time, but I've gotten level 1+ things D;

Originally Posted by Anasta
I LOVE EM! however i still like my eirs dragon dress wings better.....thats a pretty rare dress inst it? i dont see it around alot....someone lemme know!
I've rarely seen any dragon equips, hehe. o3o~

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