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Post Moogles Guild [Sikyon] is Recruiting!

Moogles Guild [Sikyon Server] is currently recruiting. If you are insisted in joining, then please speak with me or my officers and we'll discuss how to fit you in. Yay! (2/22/10)

Hello Everyone!

I am Boomsticky from the Moogles Guild! The Moogles Guild is a very casual guild aiming for a strong guild community! We do guild dungeons when we have enough people online either through scheduling or by demand, as well as near 24/7 guild crafting efforts and random guild events. We are searching for those whom are active, mature, and has a fun-attitude, as well as having an overall interest & enjoyment playing AO! Furthermore, the Moogles Guild is generally a US-based group, but we have many members from across the world; everyone is welcomed!

Guild Rules:
- No level cap, anyone can join, though 50+ players are highly appreciated.
- Incoming players under level 50 will be assigned as an initiate status until they reached level 50, where they can earn a member status.
- Incoming players over level 50 will be assigned a member status as soon as the invite cooldown ends.
- Players are NOT allowed to join a nation dungeon unless invited by the guild representative of the run and given the okay from the nation king.
- Players are able to earn temporary officer rights for the only purpose of using Guild Craft after being deemed okay by either the guild leader or chief officer.
- Players are able to purchase guild dungeon keys for the sole purpose of hosting a run at their own personal time. Keys can be purchased from the guild leader with Guild Operation Books.
- Must be generally active; at least logging in a few times a month with actual activity. Lack of activity from your character after one month will result a kick from the guild to make room for recruiting.
- We enforce maturity!

So please, if you are interested in joining, feel free to post here for permission, PM me in-game to 'Boomsticky', or register under the guild list (we're on page 14). If you do not know how to register, see below.

Thank you for your time :3


=Other Information=
The Moogles Guild is a level 100+ guild. The guild has existed since late open beta and wished to continue to grow into a hearty community. We have a range of low to high leveled members. We are also a part of the Illuminati Nation!

The Moogles Guild is NOT a Final Fantasy guild. Our guild name is derived from the website name and affiliate, MyMMOGames (now called /gg FTW!), such that 'MMOG' looked like saying moogle. Sorry for the confusion, though on rare occasions a 'Kupo' pops up in chat .

=How to Register Under Guild List=
1. Be in a town.
2. Click the Town Button on the right side of the screen (looks like a building).
3. Click the Guild Office Button.
4. Click the Guild List Tab on the top of the window.
5. Search and click for the Moogles Guild, which is on page 14.
6. Click Apply for Guild! (A representative will try to contact you before accepting the invite)

For More Information, visit: /forum/atlantica-onl...ecruiting.html


IGNs to be preserved in the guild unless necessary removal or requested to be removed by the person listed below:

- Pharoe (unknown) [3/6/10]
- Abiel (unknown) [3/6/10]
- fLick3r (technical) [3/6/10]
- Ripchord (school) [3/6/10]
- PMSing (military) [3/6/10]

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