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[Update!] The monster template has been completed, and is fully functional (though obviously it may require minor updates in the future.)

Currently, our main goal is to create a large database of the monsters in Atlantica. Right now, don't bother about adding other things such as the maps and items, just the monsters. Those will come in time too.

For a guide on using the template (not that it is terribly complicated), please click the link below.

Guide to Atlantica Monster Template

If you require any more help with how to use it, or to check in on if you're doing something right, please just post here. Also, you may want to look at an existing completed page for help.

Example: Evil Tree

To get an animated image of the monster, you will need to do some extra work. I suggest only doing this if you have the time or you just really want to complete it. Some monsters may require additional work (the ones that pop out of the box), however don't bother with those right now.

The first step is recording a short clip of the monster in the Monster Book (in-game.) You can use Fraps or some other video recording program, however please only do this if your computer can handle it.

After completing the video, please follow the following guide to get it into a GIF.

Remember to try to crop it time-wise and size-wise as well as you can. Try to make sure the animation is not choppy when it replays itself, and also that there isn't too much blank space (pixels) around the monster when you finish it all.

So I think I typed about everything you need to know. Ask if you have questions. o/

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