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Default Game Mechanics - Knockdowns, Knockbacks, and Stuns

This is a collection of mechanics, gathered from repeated observations. These may be incorrect! If there are any inconsistencies, please reply or PM me, and I'll try to recreate it.

Note: Some enemies (read: a bunch in high-end play) are immune to one or more of these.

Note 2: This guide uses the following terms for the 3 possible states you can be in:
"Standing" refers to the state where you are able to move and attack freely.
"Grounded" refers to the "downed" state, where you are vulnerable to down attacks.
"Aerial" or "midair" refers to the state where you have been sent into the air and cannot act until you have landed.


Knockdown (kd, Soft knockdown, knock up)
Examples: Dainn/Sieg/Yuki dAS, Sieg/Air/Dainn AAS, Dacy AAA, etc.
The typical combo launcher, this will knock the opponent into the air, allowing for further hits to generate an air combo. some enemies can be knocked into the air, but cannot be air comboed, such as Agile Troll Spearmen (Ep4 and 5).
Other enemies will counter knockdowns (Chicken With Doctor in Ep3, beamcrab machines in Ep5)

Hard Knockdown (hkd)
Examples: Dacy AAS, Sieg D-fist, Tia Cyclone Blow (2)
Automatically brings the target enemy to the ground and causes forced knockback. The forced knockback varies between hard knockdowns. In stages, the grounding of the enemy is after the knockback occurs, while the opposite holds true for Pvp. That means Tia's CB(2) into Mines will not reset damage back to 100% in stages, but it will decay delete in Pvp.

Using a hkd on Rigel's (6-10) healing staff will cause him to prematurely retrieve his healing staff.

There are enemies who cannot be kd'd but can be hkd'd. Use a hkd along with hovering hits to start an air combo on these enemies, i.e. hover with Sieg's Nado or Eir's Moonlight Chain.


[b]Knockbacks[b] (kb)
Examples: Dainn's Hand, Eir dA and dAS, Tia dAS, Sieg's Counter
Forces your opponent into an aerial state and pushes the opponent back. The distance pushed varies with the attack.

This aerial state means that if the target that is getting kb'd is hit with any attack that will hit aerial enemies, the target will be soft knockdowned, and the hit will count as "Air combo 1" (and the kbing hit count as the launcher). Yes, this means you can be killed when nothing can directly knock you down.
Examples: Eir walled dAS Shout dA, Dainn Rain of Fire - Hand of Earth (residual rain behind hit), Hellios (Upper Jahil) long kb into a whelp phoenix hit.

Hitstun (hs)
A short period of time when you're hit with an attack where you cannot act. Also cancels your current animation. Most normal attacks cause this.

Hitstun Knockback (hs kb)
This occurs with hitstun, but is barely noticeable for most attacks.
The most noticeable attacks: Eir SSSSS and Moonlight Pieces, Dacy Thunder Candy

Do not confuse this with actual kb. The enemy is remains in a standing state. Generally used for stacking minibosses, especially in Tumgalad.


Examples: Eir SSSSA, Dacy's Dongdong Gurum Kung
Puts the opponent into a stunned state. The opponent can spam left and right to escape the state more quickly. Some classes (Tia, Dainn) seem to be able to escape more quickly than the others.

Knockdown and Stun (kd stun)
Examples: Sieg Blow, Adaman (Cobolt Raid) punches
When the target is "standing," a kb stun move will force knockdown (hkd style with no kb) the target, then place the target in a stunned state. There is a brief period where the target remains grounded, but as soon as the target's animation switches to the "Rising-S" or "standing-up" animation, the target is completely vulnerable. The stun effect can also be relieved more quickly if the target spams left and right.
When the target is in midair, a kb stun move will simply hitstun the target (raising height) like any normal hit.

Kd stun's knockdown effect is the same as hkd's knockdown effect; enemies who take extra damage (eg. Shadow Hunters in Upper Jahilyah Volcano) from hkds will also take extra damage from kd stuns.

Rigel's (6-10) healing staff retrieval triggers on this effect, but you have to wait for it to start healing because that is when the staff is in a "standing" state.

Examples: Eir Sleep, Catchvee Flowers and End, Lir (5-10) Sleep
Like stun, the target is unable to move. Unlike stun, the duration cannot be lessened by spamming left and right.

Examples cited for reference

Kirin Raid - Bronze Warriors
- Immune to Hitstun (but not damage, of course)
- Animation is reset by knockback

Thunder Candy and SSSSS only cause damage. Eir repeated dAS can "lock" the Bronze warrior and prevent it from attacking.

Knockback Aerial property
Eir's Dodge, high levels
- Against grounded targets, sends target flying
- Against aerial targets, causes minimal bounce, as if it were level 1.

Holy Shout (kb) into a planted Dodge causes the enemy to be nearly immediately knocked to the ground.

Needs Testing
Fire Orb
- Hits grounded (but not down) enemies.
- Does not hit aerial targets

Test: Knockback a player through incoming fire orb trails.
Hypothesis: The orbs shouldn't go off. From experience, it should make a small circle, then head the other direction for its homing.
Confirmed by Zetsumeii and RadiantLightt in PvP. Fire Orb -> Hand of Earth (kb) against the wall -> Radi avoided 3 of the orbs (the last one hit after kb ended).

Forest Wind Wedge
- Hard Knockdown
- Causes enemy to be knockbacked until it hits a wall
- Glitches up in stages and only goes to the edge of the screen

Test: Forest Wind Wedge a Bronze Warrior (Kirin Raid)
Hypothesis: The bronze warrior will have its animation canceled and will be pushed back to a wall.

Feel free to post any inconsistencies, test results, and any other observations.

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