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Default The Recruitment Thread

So here it is our official recruiting thread. Symphony will no longer be accepting in-game applications until we receive your application through this forum/thread. This is to ensure the members applying to the guild to be active/semi-active on the forum. So let's begin.

First off, I would like to give you this welcoming prize just because maybe you're showing interest in joining our guild :]

Actually I'm just trying to entice you to join our guild. Is it working? Maybe I'll give you a bit of a consolation prize for reading this thread.

Is it working now?

How about now?

Well I hope it did :3

Before anything, lets start out with...

UPDATE: Every other week, I will be scheduling a clean up day. During the clean up day, I will be kicking INACTIVES, people who has not been on for the past 5 days: without leaving a message in the "INACTIVE Thread." Also, to avoid people from just logging in so that I will not kick them, I will be conducting a calculation. I will calculate the days you have been in our guild by the guild points you currently have. If it does not average up to what I deem "ACTIVE," you will be kicked.

And now, the application to fill out to join the guild...


Forum Name:
In-Game Name:
Game Applying For:
Most Active Channel/Server In Game:
Current Level:
Time Zone/Location:
Your Available Days and Hours for Game Play:

Guild's Current Needs: (Will change through time)
[x] Powers
[x] Charms

Helpful, Symphony-Related Links:

So after filling out the form, myself and other guild leaders will evaluate your application, if accepted, I will personally send you a PM to give you the OK to apply to guild or meet you to invite you. Thank you for having the interest in joining our guild, and hopefully we will see each other in-game ;D

[ ggFTW HR Operations. Yuki Designs. Rep Guide. Join Symphony. Forum Rules. ]

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