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1. Face Roll: When a map, monster, boss, quest, etc is so easy that you can roll your face across the keyboard and win.

2.FAIL: self explanatory.

3. asap: as soon as possible

4. w: japanese version of "lol"
-the more "w" in the input, the more laughs you've done.
=example: "w"- light laugh. "wwwwwwwwwww" - lmao

5. OTL - depression, FAIL

6. 1st person says: "Ninomiyakun!" (teacher roll)
2nd person says: "Senseeeeei!" (student roll)
The above is a reference from Minamike (mainly season 1)
Usage example: When a guildy or party member dies,
person alive: "Ninomiyakun!"
dead person: "Senseeeeei!!"
*There are other ways to use this. (Please watch the anime for a full understanding)

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