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I was disappointed that the sites merged...I guess louhfu didn't have time for us anymore T.T

I'm just really when I just randomly get moved from one place where I knew everybody then to a place where I only knew a few people, I get scared. Just like going into high school, I'm so freaked out >.<

Plus no warning or anything, it's like your parents picking you up when you are sleeping and just moving to Alaska...

At least Louhfu should have given us the chance to complain about it before the move.

/start sarcasm
Thanks Louhfu...for this fantastic thing you pulled. I'm so happy right now.
/end sarcasm
/run deletemem.exe
/run missLS.exe

*error* conflicting programs have been run in your system. Press okay to ignore, press cancel to exit. *error*

-presses okay-


* Cannot read from previous system folder
Do you want to delete restoration files? *
Damn, I killed my hard drive.