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Worth noting that Mana arrow at lvl 1 has a shorter range compared to lvl 4, so it would have been better off getting Mana arrow to lvl 4 instead of cure (and get cure later while using the plentiful free pots in the meantime). The range of lvl 1 Mana Arrow still lies within the line of sight of most active monsters. Lvl 4 Mana Arrow is still fairly MP-efficient, with the advantage of greater range.

Lvl 4 cure will not heal a lot of HP (you'll be better off using pots for now), so it'll be better getting lvl 9/10 cure in one shot, preferably lvl 9 cure for MP-efficiency and only lvl it to lvl 10 just before getting Mist of Mana.
You can immediately start questing in Oops Wharf at lvl 60.
You may want to add in that several card quests are available at lvl 140, great for those unable to reach TM 120 by that level.
You may want to add that it's possible for a magic-type to grind in Tap1 at lvl 130 (or lower), without the need for MyShop.
A disadvantage of shard over drip-bomb is that shard has a much lower accuracy than drip bomb (even a sufficiently high amount of luck does not guarantee it will hit). The DX penalty as a result of water-web should not be underestimated as well in the area of bossing. However, I guess the lowering of electric-resistance makes up for the drawback.
You may want to add that shard duration is 3 seconds. This duration is enough for one electro attack or tesla field. Resistance decrease is rumored to be 2.5x, but the damage probably increases much more than that.
Skills that are considered TM-dumps:
-Bolster Ballad: Lowers MP cost of skills, but with 4 in sense for greater pot capacity I don't think you'll run out of MP that often. Get it if you really have lots of TM to spare.
-Aura of Mana: Increases MP-regen. Get it if you really have lots of TM to spare. Same argument as above.
-Icy Shackles: Stuns the enemy, but you can't attack it either.
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