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Default ΜįĊmŦęŘ Ąŗŧ qŪēŞţś ŎpĒħ

my other one failed. new look! new style! new me!

I'm an ordinary Grade 7 Canadian Digital Art creator, I use my free time to make digital art like tags (signatures) and avatars.
I use Photoshop CS3, I got it as a present from my grandparents.
*screams YEESSSSS* I tend to procrastinate A LOT but I still get things done.
Woo hooo!

Well that's a little about me!

Why do I create art?
I create art because it's fun, and it's a hobby to kill a lot of time.
And because I enjoy i!

What is my Objective?
My objective is to create art that satisfies people, but mostly myself.
Just like any other artist, I like it when people enjoy the art they have in front of them.

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