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Completing the offers
Offers differ by requirements and you must meet the requirements to get your points. The next section will explain what these requirements are and you can make sure they work!

There is a specific routine you must take to ensure the success on your offers!
Before we start please get familiar with roboform! Roboform can store your password and information for you. It will also help you fill out those annoying information forms and check off boxes for you!

The step-by-step process!
Please follow this process or your offers are more likely to fail!
  1. Open internet explorer & firefox
  2. On internet explorer open your offers website
  3. On firefox open the 10minute mail website
  4. Open up your offer
  5. Complete the offer using the 10minutemail address
  6. Make sure you got your points!
  7. Close internet explorer & firefox
  8. Open up CCleaner
  9. Click Runcleaner
  10. Repeat 1~9
Please note that some offers will not accept temporary email addresses, so you will need to make a new one.

Types of offers
Up to this point you're probably thinking, what we need a guide for this? Haha. This is so useless, I could've figured it out myself!
You're wrong. The trickiest part is making sure you completed the requirements of the offer and how to go through the quickly and efficiently.

There about 5 types of offers and they have a specific pattern. The types are:
  • Sign up
  • Complete first/past 2 pages
  • Complete 20 pages
  • Quiz
  • Download & Install

Just some basic things you need to know.

Sign up - can be just sign up and exit, or sign up till last page. These are most confusing as they contain both Complete first/past 2 pages and complete 20 pages kind.

Complete first/past 2 pages - Complete the first 2 pages and you're done. BUT there is a sign that you're done, I will explain that in a bit.

Complete 20 pages - Complete it till the end. These usually give the most points.

Quiz - Just a basic quiz, pass or fail you get points, but you have to finish all the offers to the end.

Download & Install - Quite logical, I won't be explaining this one. You just download install and then uninstall. Voila points. Of course there's options in the setup that hint spyware. Be careful and read the info or just avoid this all together

Page indicating you're done for (First 3 listed). It will look something like this:

At this point you are NOT done. If it says do 1 offer, click on one of the offers and let it load completely. Then at the bottom you will need to go to the next offer. Some are little buggy and they don't require it, but will you play with lady luck? You just spent quite a while doing the offer.

Sign up/Complete first 2 pages/Complete 20 pages and do 1 offer from drop down list etc etc etc

I'm going to describe how to do the 20 pages one as it contains the complete first 2 pages in it as well.

You will need to follow the steps I listed before, these steps go between steps 4 and 7.
  1. Paste in the 10minmail address (Hit next or whatever the button says)
  2. Use roboform to fill in the information (Hit next button)
  3. More offers pop up (For complete 2 page offers you should get the pop up I showed above, skip to step 7)
  4. If it's a list of yes/no offers push Alt + =, this will set all the answers to no. Click yes for one of them.
  5. You will be prompted to do the offer you said yes to. Just click submit at bottom or tick the top to no and then click submit.
  6. Click the skip button if available if not keep repeating number 4 and 5.
  7. Last page - Click and open the amount of offers it asks you to.
  8. Go to the next page - Open the amount of offers
  9. Go to next page - Open the amount of offers
  10. Voila you should have your points now!


These are probably the most failure ones and most annoying, but they give great points.

  1. Fill out the quiz
  2. Skip to end using steps I listed above or wait out timer. (I'll explain in a bit)
  3. Last Page - Quiz Scores (done)
Some of the quizes will have a timer. Basically how the website is set up is the top is a seperate page and the bottom of the site will load. Some of these sites will have a timer on them for how long you need to look at the offer until you can skip all the way to the end. The skip to results button will appear at the top right.

Websites I have used in the past (Only sends out checks)

I hope this helps you with obtaining your astros. If you wish to thank me by using my ref, you can PM me. But I'm not forcing anyone to use my ref. If you have any concerns or questions just post below. I won't be answering PMs very much.

Good luck and stay safe!
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