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Default Quick 400 Astros Guide (Survey sites etc)

This guide will try to help you get 400 Astros quickly and efficiently.
PrizeRebel is affiliated with OGPlanet! PrizeRebel will send you an Event coupon code when you request 200 astros!

What are you using Shugi? Currently I'm using: (notice how there's no referral link? :P)

Before I start explaining the process of doing the offers, I have some things to say. The amount of points/$ you can earn on the websites will depend on where you live. USA will have the most offers, the UK has quite a lot as well, Canadians not so much. This guide can be used for other games as well. You don't have to necessarily redeem your points for astros. Also please use REAL info when filling out the forms, fraud is unethical. Even if they will spam your inbox, you giving them fake info is against the law. Now Let's start.

Topics I will cover:
  • How they make money
  • Why you should use real information
  • Tools needed to speed up the process
  • Signing up
  • Completing offers
  • Types of offers

How they make money
The process of how they make money is quite simple. You will fill out some offers from the website's sponsors, the sponsor will pay the website a certain amount of money for each person that signs up. They will then share their profits with you. Since so many people are doing this on a large scale they make enough to make profit, but at the same time enough to buy you a little gift.
RoflWaffles - Monkeys vs Donkeys
You fill out your info on their survey about Monkeys vs Donkeys. Now the sponsor pays the website $2.50 for you doing the survey, the website now gives you 0.5 points for the survey being completed correctly.

Why you should use real information
  1. You will be banned.
  2. The website will be fined
  3. Fraud/Identity theft
You will banned because the website is giving their sponsors fake information. This information is normally used for the sponsor's surveys/market research. You provided them a fake address/name. How will they know where to market their items? It's like you're doing a school research project and library decides to give you fake books. You're the website, and your teacher is the sponsor. So now you hand your report to your teacher. You're teacher is going to be mad at you for giving him/her a crappy report with fake information. You will now shun the library because they did a bad job. I'm sure I don't need to explain fraud/identity theft.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • CCleaner
  • Roboform
  • Google Toolbar
  • Real email address
  • Temporary Email Address
Internet Explorer
This is needed just to be able to view all the offers right. Some won't show up correctly in firefox.

Mozilla Firefox
This will be used to check your email address.

CCleaner (Stands for Crap Cleaner)
Probably one of the best if not the best computer cleaning tool out there. It can be obtained here: CCleaner - Home

Your essential tool to fill out the forms! Without this it will take you more than 30mins per offer. With this tool it will take 1~5minutes per offer! All you need is the trial version which can be obtained here: RoboForm: Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Management

Google Toolbar
This is needed to block some of the annoying pop ups. It won't block java script pop ups, which are the ones you will need to see!

Real email address
This email address will be used to sign up for the main website. If you don't use a valid email address you may be banned. Just hope the website you chose is ethical enough not to spam you.

Temporary Email address / Spare email address
This will be used to sign up for the offers. Everyone hates spam, all you need it for is 10minutes! Found here: 10 Minute Mail
This is probably the easiest one to use. Please note that some websites will not allow you to use this kind of email! You will need to make a spare email address.

Signing up
This sign up process is just the basic sign up on the main website.
You must use real information here. If your information is fake/does not match with the information you entered in offers you will be banned. There's not much to say but to tell you to use real information!
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