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Default Character Names - Not Reusable?

So I was playing Mabinogi, and mentioned MegaTen to someone.

He noted that he played it just today, so I asked if it was still in Closed Beta, and he said no, Open Beta start today.

I log off, and log into MegaTen to create my character, to find out that I can't use my name, Rusty.

I'm upset a tiny bit about it, and I'm just wondering, did someone snatch my name and deserve to die, or are they just not able to be reused? :/

Either way, I'm now Kaask, which is my own original name.

Edit: I see its been a couple days since OB started actually, so I suppose enough time has passed for someone to use the name Rusty. I should have kept up with the game, and since I didn't I lost my name. (unless of course, names aren't reusable)

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