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Obtained at Lv 30:

Battle Hungry Ghosts

One of the biggest obstacled in reaching the Ellia Continent
is the Hungry Ghosts. They discharge toxic gas onto the boat,
making the boat decay and fall apart. They're a real pain.
Please defeat them for me.
- Naval Officer -

Hungry ghost Hunting 0/15

Defeat 15 Hungry ghosts in Partusay's Sea.

Rewards: 60500 exp, 4000 gp, 2 MP Potions (M) OR 2 HP Potions (M),
Holy Cross Horn (Timed, 3 days)

Obtained at Lv 31:

Obtained at Lv 32:

Blitz - Partusay's Sea -

Now Partusay and his soldiers are withdrawing to the Ellia Continent.
It's clear that if we let them withdraw,
they'll give us a hard time again on the Ellia Continent.
So catch up with them and defeat them all.
- Naval Officer-

Chase and defeat the remnant 0/1

Clear Partusay's Sea Difficulty *** in 15 minutes.

Reward: 178600 exp, 4400 gp, 2 HP Potions (M) OR MP Potions (M),
Queen's Jewel (Timed, 1 day)

Release Anmon Soldiers

Among our enemies, the Anmon soldiers were once our allies.
However, since they were taken over by Kaze'aze's magical powers,
they began to go crazy. I worry that should we continue to fight with them,
the morale of our soldiers will drop. So I'd like you

Defeat Anmon soldier 0/20

Defeat 20 Anmon Scouts or Anmon Guards.

Reward: 127600 exp, 4400gp, 3 MP Potions (M) OR 3 HP Potions (M),
Holy Cross Mask (Timed, 3 days)

Uh, it's not very organized.
- Lasciate Family on Orpesia

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