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Originally Posted by edisito
for someone who is new to building guides i like it , but i really dont understand you saying you wanted to be a blader, cause bladers are focused on skills and not high damage, people who pick bladers like to hit a lot and not miss rather then hit high 3 times then miss 5 times. but from the sounds of it you're still figuring the game out and if i had to guess i would guess that you are going to change your mind about being a blader and become a warlord, whichever way you go good luck and thanks for the build guide, ill try it out
What I mean is, the knuckles don't have splash damage, hurting more than one monster at a time. By the time I switch over to blader, if I do, if I need to get a skill reset and completely rebuild my warrior I will, it should not be that difficult. I am all about accuracy, and consistency. I don't like missing.

If you aren't going to attack fast, be strong and accurate or it'll hurt, you know?

I started a new one, still going to use this build, but my second character will be a warlord.

I'm going to leave the spear behind on the first character when I get my next job.