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Stop the Calling Ceremony, received at Level 33

Description: They say that Elena was taken over by Kaze'aze. I'm not sure it's true, but there is news that Elena stands at the center of Ellia Continent. Find Elena, and if she really is a betrayer, take her down.

Items needed: 15 Undead's Staff
How to obtain: Defeat Lich or Nercromancer and collect 15 Undead's Staffs.
Rewards: 127600 Exp., 4440 GP, 3 Red Potions (M) OR 3 Blue Potions (M), Holy Cross Top Shield (Timed, 3 days)

Tip: If you run into any difficulties with obtaining this quest's items in Ellia Continent, try doing the other half of the dungeon for the last pieces.
- Lasciate Family on Orpesia