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Default Pan's Pure Warrior Guide

[ Version 2.0.1 ]

There are not a lot of guides for this game, period, and the ones for Warriors are scarce and rather not-what-I-wanted-to-use-whatsoever, so in short, I decided to make my own.

I made this guide because the other guides, although not bad in the sense of the word, seem to be based around concepts from other classes, and with one major change I made it a lot more powerful.

The previous version of this guide has been completely revamped. If you read it before today, then take notice. This is pretty new. I experimented with a new character, made some dramatic improvements, and put the changes through to my other warrior, and lo and behold, I can solo a lot of the things I needed my girlfriend to party with me for.

I apologize for anyone who used my earlier build. Although effective if you retooled your character at later levels1, anyone who started from scratch with this build likely ran the gauntlet.

You are a warrior. Warriors are supposed to be strong bodied, grisly men and women who eat rocks and punch through diamonds.

I apologize to anyone I was every lippy with about using skills, and combos at that. Skills interrupt monsters, and keep you alive. HP and SP Potions/cookies/Et cetera are relatively cheap, and even if you don’t constantly spam them, can save you in a tight jam.

Especially spear warriors, with the final mastery improving just skill damage.

I have not tried this build with knuckles, my two warriors use a sword and a spear respectfully. If someone would like to try this with knuckles, and let me know if it’s effective, and can combo effectively enough, I would greatly appreciate the input. Once you have three or four skills I am pretty confident this build would work.

The Dirty Low Down:

1. Pick a weapon.
2. Pick a skill branch.

What’s a skill branch?

There are two sets of skills for any weapon (as far as I know). If you pick one, don’t get the other. You can use those points making you, your attacks, and your skills stronger (depending on the weapon really.) Since the skill branch depends on whomever is building their character, they will be referred to as Skills A – D.

Levels 1-5:
Weapon Mastery [Novice]

Levels 6-8:
Skill A*

Levels 9-18:
Strength Upgrade

Level 19:
Weapon Mastery [Skilled]

Levels 20-22:
Skill B*

Levels 23-31:
Weapon Mastery [Skilled]

Levels 32-39:
Weapon Mastery [Expert]

Level 40:
Skill C

Levels 41-42:
Weapon Mastery [Expert]

Levels 43-44:

Levels 45:
Skill C

Levels 46-49:

Level 50:
Skill C

Levels 51-54:

Levels 55-58:
Mind Concentration

Level 59:
Save point.

Level 60:
Skill D

Levels 61-63:
Mind Concentration

Level 64:
Save point

Level 65:
Skill D

Levels 66-68:
Mind Concentration

Level 69:
Save Point

Level 70:
Skill D

Levels 71-80:

*I noticed when I got skill c that it limited the leveling up the skill, I had to wait til 45 to Level it to 2/3, so if the early skills need pauses, just work around it with the skills you learn after it and go back to the skill itself once made available.

**You may notice a signifigant difference in the new version being that instead of Rage for more power, I use Concentration for more accuracy, and the passive skills afterwards. Helps you miss a lot less, moreso with Spear than Sword (Due to the sword’s mastery depleting the accuracy some) and the other passives are nice to have.

This is still my first guide, and I’ve put a lot of hard work putting this build through the ringer. I hope this helps anyone using warrior what with it having terrible defense. I think this guide is a lot more refined now, I hope it helps.

I will edit this and fix it up to date as I continue to play this game, and in response to people helping me out. Just please do not be rude. It spoils the advice.

Thank you.

Hardcore edit #3: Completely new guide! Rewrote it entirely.

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