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Training can be very easy with the right equipment. Monsters in Trickster Online aren’t the strongest and due to the features of the game (such as elemental stacking), it can be very easy to gather the strength to OHKO monsters, making training quick an easy.

I’ll overview what you’re looking for in each type of equipment. This is for PvM only. For bossing I can only recommend you balance as high amount of HP as you can with decent AP/AC/HV.

Helmet For PvM, you’ll want an AP compounded helmet until you feel you no longer need the bonus and move onto an AC compounded helmet. You can go either or, I'd personally stick to AP unless I was using a Boss Set.

Sword Always try and go for a boss unique, compounded with elemental attribute. For bossing, if you feel you can afford to do so, try an AC or HV compounded weapon, but whatever you use to train should be sufficient. I just use a refined Blood Sword with attribute and I don't feel I need something else with more AC.

Shield If you’re lower level or have trouble racking up enough AP to OHKO for your level, try using the Golden Lion Shield, the only elemental attribute compoundable shield. It is, however, a boss unique, so expect to spend some money on it if you haven’t the luck to get one yourself. If you can OHKO with just your sword, use an HP compounded shield.

Accessories Always go for an AP accessory and an HP accessory. You should go for AC if you’re really overkilling in PvM – you should only need an AC accessory for PvP or GvG. If you find you kill things before they even put a dent in your HP though, go for double AP, because seeing that high AP is yummy.

Innerwear Golden Mole Vest. GMV. Get one. That’s all I can say. Compound it for HP, and if you’re lucky and persistent, you may get a 2nd Anni Vest, but you’ll probably need the extra HP over more AP, considering you do have two AP buffs and if you pick 4123 as your build, you’ll be low in the HP department.

Pet Honestly, the pets in game are very weak and give little stat boost. I’ve always had free myshop event pets (Yao Mong, Maneki Neko, etc), so I’ve never had to deal with pets. I can only suggest you invest in a myshop one or an old event pet such as Amigo #3 or Sissy Viole (the tradeable one for level 90, don't recall the exact name)

Cape All the myshop capes are timed. You’ll either need to get your hands on a gacha, 4G, or lolbox cape for it to be worth anything, stat wise as well.

Mask The only in-game mask is the blood-red eyepatch. It’s worth about ~90 mil. Unless you’re heavily myshopped, you’ll be lucky to even get through the Karan trials. Plan on putting money down if you want this. Compound for AC. As for the myshop ones, I suggest go for the charm ones for the extra HP bonus at a small AP loss. Who needs and extra 100 base AP when you have two AP buffs?

Head Accessory These float over your head. They’re just an extra slot for an equipment, if you ask me. Like having a third accessory. A myshop exclusive, if you want this piece you’ll need to put down some money. Again, I suggest the power or charm one, based on what you feel you need – the teeny tiny extra AP/AC, or more HP/HV?

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