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Default Kyzuumi's Champion Guide


Welcome to Kyzuumi's guide to the pure bunny, a Champion. Following will be a look a stats, skill builds, skills, training places, and job advacement for your brand-new bunny! :3 This guide focuses on using elemental melee to train.

Use Ctrl + F and the Table of Contents to navigate the guide with more ease.

A - Basics
A1 - What is a bunny?
B - Stats and the Build Graph
B1 - Stats
B2 - Build Graph
C - Skills
C1 - Skill Build
C2 - Skill Mastery Items
D - Training
D1 - Training Locations
E - Job Changing
E1 - Second Job
E2 - Third Job
F - Equipment
F1 - Equipment Basics
G - Bossing and You
G1 - Tutankhamen
G2 - Tombeth
G3 - Captain Skull
G4 - Pirate King Karan
G5 - Count Blood
G6 - Tenter Lion
H - Frequently Asked Questions
H1 - Why do we only learn buffs until almost third job?
H2 - Why do you learn Tetra over Uppercut and Counter first?
H3 - Why are skills mastered so late?
H4 - How long should I add certain bonus point allocations?
I - Final Notes
I1 - Copyrights
I2 - Version History

[A1] A bunny is one of the four Trickster Online subclasses: power-type. Power types are known for their strong melee abilities and high accuracy. Bunnies, specifically, specialize in high-power single target attacks akin to that of a boxer (ie. Uppercut). Being specializing in single-target attacking, bunnies aren't very adept at mobbing, but exceed at bossing and PvP.

Before you read on and decide "Man, I need to go make a bunny right now!", I feel it necessary to give the feel of the playing-style of a pure bunny. Putting time and effort into a character is a devotion of your time, and you want to make sure you want a bunny, right? Champions have very, very strong single-target attacks. They also get two AP and AC buffs (stat meanings discussed later), which makes them very formidable, creating a lot of power.. Champions may seem like the ultimate foe, but they do have their downsides. Champions cannot handle huge mobs, especially when magic is thrown into the mix. On the plus side, you have the power to grab a good chance at getting out - just not as good of a chance as say, a Duelist, Gladiator, or Mercenary, the other power type classes.

Being a 1-on-1 extraordinaire, this guide mainly focuses on the bossing bunny.

[B1] In Trickster Online, what you choose for your build graph is very important. When someone asks you what your build is, they refer to the following four stat types, in this order - Power, Magic, Sense, Charm. A quick run down of these for stat types:

[B2] When you first open up your bunnies creation, this is the build you're presented with, 4114 (4 Power, 1 Magic, 1 Sense, 4 Charm). However, this isn't the only build for your bunny, in fact, there are at least two other builds as good or better. Myshop accessibility will also be discussed for each build.

  • Power. You're locked into a default 4, being a power type. The substats are AP (Attack Power), AC (Accuracy), and DX (Dexterity, melee attack speed)
  • Magic. You don't need any of these stats, save MA for Flaming Fist. Don't add any bonus points here or create a build with anything but a "1" in it.
  • Sense. Sense has two important stats, WT (weight) and LK (luck). Weight determines how much you can carry, very important in training, and luck, which affects your block rate and how often you're blocked by a monster
  • Charm. Your defensive stats, HP (health points), DP (defense), and HV (hit evasion). HP is the most important in regards to survivability.

4114 Your standard bunny build, this is what most people choose. It has good HP and HV, but no WT, which is something very important. Expect to invest in a Premium Pocket Pouch or a Purple Earring accessory to compensate for the weight, which means the loss of an accessory slot. If you have the myshop to compensate for that lost accessory, by all means go for it. [Recommended: Pure AP OR 3AP/1WT]

4123 A much more balanced build with decent HP, HV, WT, and LK. My actual preference build, it's very easy to work with. While at times you may feel your HP is lacking, it will eventually even out and you'll be glad for that extra WT in the long run. A good build, in my opinion, for hybrid myshoppers - people who only have a little myshop, like me. [Recommended: Pure AP]

4132 A more extreme build, this sacrifices more HP for the extra weight and luck. This is a build for heavy myshoppers - this amount of HP will not be easy to make back in equipment unless you've got some decent myshop gear. However, it's a very viable build and if you feel you can do it, it's a great build and I've seen several bunnies with it. [Recommended: Pure AP]

The 4114 3AP/1WT Build [Highly Reccomended]
This is the new "popular build", and I've tried it out myself and I love it. Having that 4 in charm is awesome - that extra HP and HV helps out a lot. But there's always the question of what about your weight? A 4114 has a very restricted weight, honestly, you need at least a two in weight or weight equipment to play the game without getting frustrated by your restrictions. A 4114 3 AP/1WT is LIKE a 3124 for AP and WT only. Your AP will be the same if you could put a 3 in power and went pure AP, and your weight of a 4114 3AP/1WT will be like you have a 2 in sense, but just for weight.
And with your AP buffs, that little bit of AP loss will be very negligible.

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