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DarkMagiFire will become famous soon enoughDarkMagiFire will become famous soon enough
IGN: God
Class: God Tier
Level: 9162
Guild: SOSBrigade

IGN: DarkMagiFire
Level/Class: 18/Fire Mage
How active are you? (Mabinogi): I played for 2 days already.
About yourself: I like bananas, cherries, popping cherries, forums, forum rape, stories, pencils, sticks, fruits, chicken, beef, pork, piano, guitar, anything with string, dogs, cats, rabbits, and three headed dragons that are born at the bottom of the ocean, located next to Atlantis City and was raised there by the inhabitants which are mermaids which Sanji from One Piece wants to see and make little mermaid babies with them so he can say he has 400 BABIES ALL WITH THEIR POWER LEVELS OVER 9000!!!!!!??? and Vegeta will crush his scouter and that bald person will go WHAT? 9000??? and Goku will pwn them and little children will be watching it and pwn their friends that are bald and the baldies will band together and form 'The Bald Revolution' and riot against all people with hair and will eventually start killing anything with hair until no one but baldies exist except for the Jiwanmon who will Shoop Da Whoop the world back into time so the bald revolution never happened and the world lived happily ever after until they realized they were sent back into the Hitler Era and Hitler killed all the jews and stuff happened that I don't know about and there will be world peace once again when Hitler dies until more wars erupt, then Jiwanmon will come out once again and he will say 'Enough with your tiny bobble head's and he'll destroy all bobble heads in the world and little kids that watch Dragon Ball Z and bought some Goku Bobble heads will be depressed and come up with sadist sayings and will become suicidal and jump off buildings and kill themselves, and overpopulation will never be a problem again until they ban birth control so people will be making babies whenever they want to make love so they will make babies and the babies will be born and they too will be making babies for babies to make babies and they will will keep on going until the world implodes, then we go to live on Mars like what happened in Dragon Ball GT which stands for Get The (fo) and on Mars we will all die because there is no air there, so instead, we go to live on Venus because it seems to be a habitable planet to live in and humans will rebuild everything on Venus but they realized they forgot to bring animals over to Venus and they all die.
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