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Golem and you - Quick and Easy guide too defeating golems

For this guide you will need

Common Sense
Sharp Mind D-B
Smash of Any Rank
Defend of D-A
Counter of F-C
Firebolt or Icebolt Rank F or more too your liking

Start the battle with Normal hits or N+1 (because two - 3 normal hits without N+1 does MORE Damage then smash under rank B) Now if you have the suggested Sharp mind, watch the golems skill, If he defends, Smash, If he smashes, normal hit him, if he counters, (Which is a skill Suwa forgot too mention) Windmill, If he Windmills, Defend, If he normal Attacks, counter. Or if you wanna play it on the safe side, counter WM with Fire or Ice bolt. As for Stomp, Use fire Bolt. Hope your quick ._..

If you dont, which makes it harder, make sure your always A good walking distance away. With firebolt on the ready. What is usually a good strat is, Hit Hit (depending on your weapon maybe a third hit) then followed by walking back a bit (Golem usually goes into Defend now) Smash (He will either counter or ready stomp) and Firebolt charge; hopefully quick enough too cast the spell.

This was a quick Five minute thing, wish you luck!K ^^