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Originally Posted by JelloTime
I am disappointed with Wizard's Jupiter Thunder and Lord of Vermilion. =[
(Single hit Jupiter Thunder what?)

My level 5 Fire bolt does more than both of them even though they are higher level. ;_;

Edit: I decided to list some mage/wizard spells and give some insight so you guys can plan what to get. =3
(Damage may vary as I was testing the spells in Ant Hill.)

Fire/Ice/Lightning Bolts: Ok-charge time, targets a single spot, great damage
No, just no.

Soul Strike: Fast charge, slight delay before projectiles appear, good damage, projectiles travel in a straight line
No also.

Fire Wall: Line type spell (draw a line and it appears), almost instant after drawing the line, linear AoE, ok~good damage (higher levels create longer lasting fire walls)
What the fail damage for the duration it's up for and the delay it gives. :x

Frost Diver: Self charge (like bolts but you charge by holding onto your character, release by dragging the stylus in the direction you want it to go), travels in a straight line, pierces targets, may freeze, ok damage
No. The long cast times sort of defeat the purpose for a "quick freeze" >_>

Thunder Storm: Multiple area target (i.e. bolt like targeting, but you choose 2~3? points to have the spell be cast on), instant cast time, slight delay before bolts appear, ok damage
Fail skill, weak damage

Safety Wall: Creates a pink wall on target spot, you and your allies are immune to damage while in the wall
BEST. SKILL. EVER. Infinite hit limit, it's based on duration. And it lasts for 1 min + at lv8.

Fire Pillar: Bolt like casting, pillar acts like fire wall but smaller AoE, good~great damage,
No, just no. Same like frost diver, crappy casttime

Earth Spike: Almost exactly like frost diver, doesn't freeze?
Awful. Might as well use heaven's drive.

Ice Wall: Almost like fire wall however, the skill is spammable and the ice spikes hit once, good damage
2nd best skill. No delay, max 3 enemies if spread out, and easily spammable on stylus.

Jupiter Thunder: Like soul strike without the fast charge time, single projectile, great damage
Worst nerf I've seen. >_>

Lord of Vermilion: Bolt like casting but with AoE properties: huge range, ok damage, may blind targets
AoE is okay, but long cast times = </3

Storm Gust: Like Lord of Vermilion, slight delay after animation appears before damage occurs, good range, good damage, may freeze targets
See Above

Meteor Storm: Similar to lightning storm, each meteor hits twice, great damage, may stun targets
Sort of 3rd-best skill, just tap 3 spots and it's almost instacast. I'd prefer ice wall though.
In bolded red. Lul. Tested in endless tower until the last level.
All I used was
Ice wall
Lord of Vermillion
Storm Gust
Meteor Storm
Safety Wall

Rest of the skills are a waste of time, for newbie stages and prerequisites etc. Funny how you can solo the last boss with just icewall and running around >_>
Theres also energy coat, but that's one major shitty coat as the coat drains your MP even if the opponent's attack is a miss, like in safety wall. Really fast drain too. x_x

EDIT : Also, heaven's drive. One of the skills I guess got nerfed too.
It has almost widescreen range, but hits only once. Better than earth spike. :l

The best class IMO is Blacksmith, with instacast 3000+ mammonites. Very very fast and strong. Also because Bongun card gives 25% more physical damage on accessory, so two = 50% increase. That's one crazy melee there.

Blacksmith > Wizard > Dark Knight > Shaman > The rest (Needs party of some sort to play properly)

Haven't tried Taekwon however x_x

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