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Cool -=iLaTale avatar/sig Factory=-

I was thinking of making "iLaTale" avatar/sig for any guild member that wanted one.
Hopefully maybe around 2 or 3 member's requests per week max(as long as i'm not busy).
Should i do it or should i not?

Here is an example: (i will mainly use a universal image size)

1.Actively viewing the sf.
2.Going to use the avatar/sig.

-=Request format(maybe?)=-
Desired Color(if possible, no white and black):
Your guild rank: (Maestro, veteran, etc.)
Picture of your character(current is preferred):
Job class(current):
Logo symbol: (refer to my example. You can pick whatever weapon you want that represents your job class or future job class) (ex: i just picked a gun for the heck of it)

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