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I am disappointed with Wizard's Jupiter Thunder and Lord of Vermilion. =[
(Single hit Jupiter Thunder what?)

My level 5 Fire bolt does more than both of them even though they are higher level. ;_;

Edit: I decided to list some mage/wizard spells and give some insight so you guys can plan what to get. =3
(Damage may vary as I was testing the spells in Ant Hill.)

Fire/Ice/Lightning Bolts: Ok-charge time, targets a single spot, great damage

Soul Strike: Fast charge, slight delay before projectiles appear, good damage, projectiles travel in a straight line

Fire Wall: Line type spell (draw a line and it appears), almost instant after drawing the line, linear AoE, ok~good damage (higher levels create longer lasting fire walls)

Frost Diver: Self charge (like bolts but you charge by holding onto your character, release by dragging the stylus in the direction you want it to go), travels in a straight line, pierces targets, may freeze, ok damage

Thunder Storm: Multiple area target (i.e. bolt like targeting, but you choose 2~3? points to have the spell be cast on), instant cast time, slight delay before bolts appear, ok damage

Safety Wall: Creates a pink wall on target spot, you and your allies are immune to damage while in the wall

Fire Pillar: Bolt like casting, pillar acts like fire wall but smaller AoE, good~great damage,

Earth Spike: Almost exactly like frost diver, doesn't freeze?

Ice Wall: Almost like fire wall however, the skill is spammable and the ice spikes hit once, good damage

Jupiter Thunder: Like soul strike without the fast charge time, single projectile, great damage

Lord of Vermilion: Bolt like casting but with AoE properties: huge range, ok damage, may blind targets

Storm Gust: Like Lord of Vermilion, slight delay after animation appears before damage occurs, good range, good damage, may freeze targets

Meteor Storm: Similar to lightning storm, each meteor hits twice, great damage, may stun targets

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