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Make sure you check the status before requesting. Requests will be rejected if requested while status is closed or full.

  • Photo shoots (see below for Info)
  • Photo Edits/Enhancement
  • Signatures
  • Promotive/Commercial Banners (personal use)
  • Birthday Card Covers
  • Other request (but must be approved by me)
Preferably realism (or high quality 3D games like Final Fantasy)

  • Inappropriate content (NSFW, Nudity, Violence, Disturbing images, etc.)
  • Stolen/illegal/copyrighted images
  • Poor quality images

  • FlamesBlader
  • Yoruhime
  • xXPwnageXx
    *Exception slot - ByuuGun
Please do not request when slots are full, thanks.

Thanks Glarbage!

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