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Default Nek0Yasha's Anti-Mage Primadonna Guide (ver 2.2.0)

I am writing this guide due to the fact that I find that there is a lack of updated Cat's guide. Most up to date was probably lnsanity's, and she is an AP cat player. So I guess I'll do a HV Prima guide here.

[Disclaimer!!!] Some points before I begin.

1. Keep in mind that this guide will contain a lot of my personal views and experiences. Take them with a pinch of salt.
2. This guide and tips will be mainly geared towards PvP/GvG cats. Why being an Anti-Mage while you PvM? Of course, you can still use this guide as a rough guide for Primadonna.
3. Certain basics of the game, such as TM points, etc, are expected from readers.


I.) Why play a Cat/Primadonna? [agshd]
I.5) But I want to play a Diva? [lkjhsd]
II.) Builds of a Primadonna [bdjfei]
III.) Skills description [ckeold]
IV.) Skill Build [dmvhsk]
V.) Grinding [egyudq]
VI.) Elements, and what are they about? [fyncsj]
VII.) Equips - What to use? [gvxqro]
VIII.) PvP/GvG - What to do [hekdns]
IX.) Credits and Version History


I.) Why play a Cat/Primadonna? [agshdj]

Before the release of 3rd jobs (pre-Revo stages), Cat has always been in the second tier of the Charm class. Raccoons generally is superior to Cats in whatever the Cats can do. Superior defense (Super Hips), a stronger RANGED offensive skill (Volley Kick vs One Pair), and the better "morphing" skill (Meta vs Evo). People basically played Cats only due to...

1. Eye Candy
2. Easier grinding due to Volley Kick

But now, with the introduction of 3rds and new 2nd skills, people have more reason to choose a cat now...

1. Instead of going Raccoon -> Duke, people can train faster as a Cat and proceed to Diva.
2. Sumo Suit is simply the saving grace for cats. Raccoons are entertaining the thought of going Duke, because of Volley Kick, Siren Song and Sumo Suit (probably the main reason).

The next question will probably be Diva vs Primadonna. In my opinion, a Diva is better suited as a PvM option, or if you are those DP/HP builds, or an AP cat who wants more option (This option is generally taken from the pre HV buff era... Divas in post HV nerf win Prima hands down in GvG, though in PvP Prima can still put up a decent fight.) Primadonna are heavily geared towards PvP/GvG areas. The inclusion of Charm Wink is probably the best indication that Ntreev is creating a niche area for Primadonna to work on. And that is to be an Anti-Mage.

And of course, there is the prestige of being a pure class. Honestly speaking, I doubt I would be as proud as I am now if I were to announce to the rest that I am playing a Diva. But that's just me.

I.5) But I want to play a Diva? [lkjhsd]
Below is the link to Kyuzuumi's Diva guide, which is very comprehensive, and makes a good read. If you want to read about Diva, go ahead and read the guide.


II.) Builds of a Primadonna [bdjfei]

If you haven't already, get used to the TO's graph lingo. Basically, we describe our builds in the PMSC.

P = Power stats
M = Magic stats
S = Sense stats
C = Charm stats


Creating a Cat in the 4114 build.
Generally, Primadonna have a few core builds...

1.) 4114 (Pure HV or ??/HV)
Simple really. This build goes for maximum damage, at the cost of sacrificing weight. It makes no sense to have a decrease in the power stats for that extra weight, when cats are not accurate to begin with. You'll often find yourself wanting more accuracy in PvP/GvG fights. Potions carrying ability can be fixed (especially in GvG), by either using a weight equip, or using a pot slave.

Pure HV is recommended due to the fact that a lot of the skills are based heavily on the stat as its multiplier. Magic Meltdown, an important skill you'll use a lot if you are playing anti-mage, is heavily dependant on the amount of HV you'll have.

??/HV are commonly refered to as hybrid builds. Choices are wide and many, and it depends on what you are aiming to do by pumping skill points in other areas. Most (me included), goes 2AP/2HV for a more balanced build which allows for the use of Evolution and elemental equips. Some may prefer AC for that more accurate attacks.

2.) 3124 (Pure HV)
This is for pure HV-ers who wants to sacrifice some power stats for weight. Going 3124 will most definitely net you a pure HV build, simply because it is not wise of you sacrificing some AP stats, only to pump it back using your skill points. This way, you'll be sacrificing your much needed AC for DA and LK, which Cats do not really need.

If you are planning to go 3124 pure AP, a better build will be to go 4114, 3AP + 1WT. You gain the same amount of AP this way, but instead of wasting precious points into DA and LK, they now goes into AC and DX.

If you are going for weight and not planning to go full HV, a much wiser option will be to go 4114 and go 1WT/3HV.

3.) 2134 / 1144 (Pure HV)
Never really seen it, but I guess it can be done. Tons of weight to tank hits. I guess the main job of this build is to do debuffing, because your AC will make it hard for your hits to land. I guess anyone who is doing this build can do some input into this.


III.) Skills description [ckeold]

I am not gonna put what each and every level of each skill will do and so on. Those can be found in a tidy little site called TRICKSTER WIKI (GGFTW version). I'll just give some input on what I think of the skills. This will probably make this section slightly biased, so proceed with care.

The images shown are the damage dealth as a 4114 2AP/2HV cat at level 222 with no equips, and no buffs. Base AP is 1342, Base HV is 82.

CHARM SKILLS - Skills which Cats and Coons share.

Warm Up -
Extremely basic skill. It's free of TM points. Newbie skill, so nothing really much to say.

Power Blow (generally referred to as PB) -
Model's bread and butter if they wanna be a Prima. Cooldown's not that great, but at least it is something. A basic combo which a lot of skill spamming Cats will swear to is VK + PB + VK. So master it.

Dodge Master -
No real use to learn it early, but it is essential once you hit the levels required for Volley Kick. Increases your HV. A true bread and butter for ALL charms.
Galder Throw -
It used to be the perfect newb training skill to use, until Pharaoh items comes in. It will be useful for first timers (who are using MyShop so you can get Master Authority) without the monetary powers to acquire good Pharaoh equips. Ultimately, you are going to delete it, unless you are playing skill builds which includes Furious Galder Toss.
Magic Meltdown (generally referred to as MM)-
A pretty useless skill in PvM circumstances. Most Prima will probably only get it to level 10 as a prerequisite for Charm Wink. With the emergence of Shield of Heaven, however, Magic Meltdown finally gets the attention it deserves. My opinion? Master it.
Magic Defense Breaker -
In a meta-game where Powers are constantly buffing up their MD/HP to tank mages, this skill is a little handy for that extra bit of damage required for an OHKO. A prerequisite for Charm Wink means you'll definitely need to get it at level 10.

Mana Reflector (generally referred to as MR) -
Another significant skill of a charm. Reflects at a maximum rate of 90% once you get enough HV to do so. Nothing much to say really. It is an essential skill in the PvP/GvG arena, and probably needed at higher level maps as well. Mastered.
Sturdy Shield -
IMO a really really good skill, especially in the earlier stages of your grinding career. It's cost is cheap if you consider how much HP pots it can save. I'll say master it asap. However, take note that many Charms (including me) maxed it out way to early without noticing it's MP cost, resulting in not enough MP to even activating it. Place points into it with care.

Shield All -
I never really gave this skill much of a notice until Sumo comes out, and even so I don't really use it. It is perhaps more essential for DP or HP cats using Siren, but as a HV cat, it's uses will not be much. A good tool to aid friends and allies in battles or training, but perhaps that's about it. IMO keep it at level 10 unless you have TM points to spare.

Note: The above image has Sturdy Shield and Shield All activated together.
Titanium Wrist -
No. No. No. I remember entertaining the though of learning it before 3rds are out, because I was constantly using the VK + PB + VK combo in PvP/GvG areas. But with 2-step (or one pair) released, it is absolutely redundant now. Divas will probably even ignore PB in the first place.

Skunk Pouch -
Ahh.... Probably my most favourite skill as a Charm user. It enables tides to be turned easily in a 1v1 situation. Though the effectiveness of this skill has been lessened due to Full House, Basic Cure and Gas Mask (die sense die...), no one in your team will hate a well placed skunk on the opponent. Get it to master as soon as you wanna step into the PvP/GvG arena.

Note: 1st image is roughly the range of the skill. 3rd image shows what happens when the skunk pouch successfully activates, characterised by the yellow "glow". 4th image shows what happens when skunk pouch does not activate, or "miss".
Physical Training -
Boost your HP. In a meta-game where HP is given huge considerations, it is probably one of the better passive stats skills (compared to heavy carrier etc...). Master it.
Final Blow -
I've got the skill for the lulz, and I must say it is pretty darn useless. It's damage range hovers slightly below or above Power Blow, depending on your HP and stuff. Don't get it.

Entertainer Skills - And maybe for Dukes...


Volley Kick (generally referred to as VK) -
Skill spamming Cat's bread and butter skill. Ridiculously low cooldown for a skill with delicious damage. Low casting time, and good recovery. Great for everywhere, in all circumstances. Mastered.
Galder Barrage -
Fixed damage skill. Probably triumphs over VK in the budding stages, but becomes obsolete later on.
Team Bolster -
Another luxury skill, a slight buff of Shield All. Learn only as a luxury skill.

Siren Song -
Perhaps one of the skills that has people divided into 2 camps on whether to learn it or not. My opinion is this. For a skill that has unpredictable AOE, low damage (for non HP/DP builds) and a freaking 8 second cooldown, it is just not worth the TM points as a grinding skill. However, it is still your only ranged skill, and is thus needed against monsters that use shock (Seahorses in Karan trials, for example).

Note: 1st image shows the casting range. 3rd image shows the rough AOE, which is in a conical shape in front of you. However, it is unpredictable, and may sometimes even hit monsters that are behind you.

Evolution -
A party and show-off skill, every Cats love to display this skill to new players of the game. Absolutely useless in PvP/GvG places unless you have a guard-breaking friend, and even then it is not worth the lack of defenses. In PvM circumstances, however, it can shine. Good for elementalists, but perhaps not really needed for a normal HV cat. It's your call.

Note: 1st and 2nd image shows the attack boost, from a normal cat to an evo cat. 3rd image shows what will happen when an evo cat crits. It will usually be a double crit, similar to a fox.
Beast Claw -
Skill to be used only in Evo-nised state. Absolutely redundant now considering how a normal attack from an Evo cat can out-damage this skill. The "ranged" form of the attack can be a surprise factor, but that's about it.
Fatal Wound -
Another Evo skill, dealing DoT (damage over time) damage. Not bad, you say, but I think it must actually hits for the DoT to take place. Against high HV players, good luck in getting it to hit. So a no for this skill, unless you are some Evo-fanatic.

Sumo Suit -
Entertainer's saving grace. Reduces all physical and magic damage by nearly 50% when you net about 300+ HV. With the so called nerfing of HV against AC, it is even more essential to tank those tetra and counters Bunnies are gonna dish out at you. Many Gamblers will probably kill for this skill. Master it.
Fist Full Of Galders -
Another Galder skill, except it can actually deal about 6k worth of damage if you are lucky. However, elemental equips means this skill will be useless for most parts, except for bosses like Soki. I'll say no, as you are screwing with a lot of TM points just to actually learn a skill that has fixed uses.

Deadly Funk -
Cost a whole chunk of your points to learn and master. However, another skunking skill is always welcomed, and coupled with the fact that it is an AOE skill makes this Funk a whole lot sweeter. Sadly I think it has the same effect as Skunk Pouch, so that means it can't be abused as much as the Skunk -> FH -> Skunk combo, but it chains off nicely with a FH. Only other disadvantage is that it actually targets the ground since it is AOE, so you need to time the skill well, or else the opponents would have ran off before you have casted your funk. But still, an essential skill for the PvP and GvG maniacs. Mastered.

Note: 2nd image shows the casting range of the skill. The centre of the skill's AOE is located at the bottom of the umbrella stand. The 3rd image shows that within the AOE, monsters can either be affected, or they can dodge the effect.

Primadonna Skills - No Diva for Diva readers.


2 Hit Combo (aka 2-step, aka Jazz combo) -
A pure competitive skill. 600MP cost make sure you will only use this skill during bossing and PvP/GvG only. Very damaging for a Charm's skill. It's the 2nd hit that does most of the killing, so pure HV will probably get the advantage here, although an AP cat will excel if both hits are compared. Master it.

Charm Wink -
The definitive Prima skill. Screws all mages once the hit lands on them, although the hit-rate is definitely questionable. However, you can't go wrong with this skill if you wanna be an anti-mage. Mastered.
Raging Nails -
Utterly useless. All that it does is bypass approximately 38% your enemies' DP at mastered status. Dark Barrier and Shield of Heavens still does their job against it. Also, it factors in a huge amount of HV into it's equation, so maybe some HV-evo cats will be interested. I'll say ignore.

Sharp Scream -
Latest skill Primadonna has in her arsenal. Useable only in Evo-mode. It is an AOE skill centred around you. Well, thankfully it's multipliers is factored around AP and HV, but it still requires you to be in Evo, which is a huge no-no in PvP and GvG. However, as a grinding skill to couple with Evo, it shines. Allows you to grind in Bats with ease. Love this skill now.

Note: Skill is an AOE skill around you, and the attack takes the form of a sonic boom, as seen in the distortions in image 2. Image 1 shows the rough radius of AOE, from the cat to the dead Torrobie.


IV.) Skill Build [dmvhsk]

A short summary of the above for those who are too lazy to read what I have typed above... ;o;

Anti-Mage Primadonna Build (in order of acquisitions)
Power Blow (Mastered)
Dodge Master (Mastered)
Sturdy Shield (Mastered)
Volley Kick (Mastered)
Mana Reflect (Mastered)
Physical Training (Mastered)*
Skunk Pouch (Mastered)*

Shield All (level 10)
Evolution (???)**
Sumo Suit (Mastered)
2-Hit Combo (Mastered)
Magic Meltdown (Mastered)
Magic Defense Breaker (lvl 10)
Charm Wink (Mastered)
Sharp Scream (If you mastered Evolution)**
Deadly Funk (Mastered)

* For Physical Training and Skunk Pouch, learn them around at your own liking. That extra HP is not that essential for training at lower levels. As for Skunk Pouch, you'll probably not gonna need it until you PvP/GvG or boss.
** Depends on when you want to learn it, and whether you are learning it.

The basic build. Feel free to learn anything after you hit Deadly Funk. I went to master Shield All, learned Team Bolster before finally relearning Siren Song.


V.) Grinding [egyudq]

Note: Due to the almost idiotic creation of a beginner party, do not EVER get into a party until you are level 31.
Note #2: For the information of beginners, always train on monsters of a higher level than you if you want to maximize your training efforts.

This section will list the suitable training sites for Cats (though it is basically the same as nearly all classes...)

Level 1 - 15
You are basically stuck in Coral Beach unless you do some exploring.

Level 15 - 31
Nothing much to say. Stay in Beach Field until you hit that magical 31.

Level 31 - 35
For players who have good Pharaoh equips waiting for you, 35 will never come fast enough. I'll recommend players to test out South-East forest on those Chipmunks etc, since they are physical weak.

Level 35 - 60
Let's be truthful to ourselves. Everyone will grind at Path to Oops Wharf. Everyone. Alternate place will probably be Path to Phantom School.

Path to Oops Wharf -
Skill Spammers: Turtles are physical resist, so do take note. I'll go or those Tigers.
Elementalists: Kill on sight. Nothing much to say.

Path to Phantom School -
Used to be extremely popular as a bridge before people steps onto Path to Black Swamp. Due to the difficulty of reaching there during the early implementation of the teleport twins, it has been forgotten. It only last till level 50 plus, however, since Gallis are level 54.
Skill Spammers: Focus on the aggressive Red Gallis. They are physical weak, and decently easy to kill.
Elementalists: Kill on sight.

Poppuri Dungeon -
Suggested by Ildanach. It is not affected by revo changes, and thus it's level range should be easier to handle. I do remember Soppos being quite a pain with it's double attacks. A good place to try out if you are getting owned at Path to Oops.

*Tip: At level 40, for new players, save up the level 40 gift box. It sells for roughly 0.5m worth of galders, which is very helpful in helping you to fund your 1m galder check needed for job change

Level 60 - 110

Tip: You'll probably get a purple box at level 60. It is decently sought after, and contains random items not really useful to you at the moment. If you are in need of some fundings, these boxes goes for an easy 5m - 7m.

Mermaid Dungeon 1 -
A pretty good crowded map. With good AP equips and elemental equips, you should be able to OHKO the Cheles there. I've forgotten what weakness the turtles are. They do hurt when they mob, so beware.
Skill Spammers: I think the Cheles are easier to kill too.
Elemental users: Kill on sight.

Nora Sewers -
Another forgotten place. Nora mummies are magic weak, while bigs are physical weak. You really only have to be wary of mummies, since they can deal insane criticals. Not to mention, the top part of the map mobs easily, and thus is really good to train.
Skill Spammers: Nora Bigs and Nora Joes. Mummies are physical resist, and they hurt. Be aware of them.
Elemental users: Kill on sight, particularly Nora Mummies

Path to Snow Field -
You can step into it as low as level 60 - I did using my 4141 Bunny. With a few good HP equips, I can grind there with about 4k HP. It is highly recommended that you place points into Physical Training before you come here. Also, it will be recommended that you use elemental gears if you step into it at such a young level, since the damage on your VK will suck.
If you do not feel that confident, you may want to try going there in the early 80s. Jokers are no longer physical weak, they are harder to kill, and they hit a lot harder as well. Bugbears are still elemental weak, but they resist physical now. And they have banish for Jokers, and Impelling Rage for Bugbears.
Skill Spammers: Jokers. Bugbears are physical resist now, I tested it and it resist about a third of the damage away.
Elementalists: Bugbears should still be the main priority. Jokers resist air and light, but few uses those element, so you should do fine

Tip: Once again, those level 100 boxes. You get 2 of them, and they contain 3x Boosters. Using both on them at level 100, in a full 2.5 party, will probably catapult you to level 121. However, selling them for about 3m each will fund you for the harkon you'll need for 3rd job change.

Level 110 - above
Congratulations. You've just opened up a whole lot of grinding grounds. I'll just list some of the popular places, and my personal favourites.

Music Room ( @Phantom School) -
My favourite place for the lower 100+ levelers. Small crowded room with full of creeps running about for that delicious exp. Repot area is really just a stone throw away. So the Dazes hurt more than expected. But you are charm, and repot comes easy. Not to mention they are physical weak. What not to like?
Only problem will probably be the fact that it is not too popular there. But if you are adventurous, and does not mind creating parties, your efforts will definitely pay off.
Skill Spammers: Dazes are definitely easier to kill. Work on them
Elementalists: Accordians are dark weak, if I remembered correctly. I think you'll have an easier time to kill them.

Tech 4 -
Used to be the map of fail. Crowded, constantly KSed by pew-pewers, looters, and EEs favourite haunt. However, it is a really decent place to grind now, since most have deflected to Tap 1. Both are physical weak, which is great for skill users. Not to mention, they drop pots and equips, making it a great place to grind and earn some loots. Only problem is that Aabon must be OHKOed, else the impelling rage can be deadly.
Skill Spammers: Kill on sight.
Elemenalists: Both resist earth, so replace the GL sword with something else. 1 of them resist fire as well, the other air. Either get dark, water or light.

Tap 1 -
The new Tech 4. Heavily crowded. I am not gonna try to be a pro here. I can safely (and proudly) say I've never grind here long enough to gain a single level. That's how much I hated this place.
Skill Spammers: Map of fail. You need to ignore Reds. Checked. The place is crowded. Checked. You'll constantly gets KSed by lions and mages. Checked. Try not to train here.
Elememtalists: I think you guys will hate Blues, as I think they are elemental/magic resist... I think.

Moths (aka Path to Tap, Drying Forest) -
THE BEST PLACE TO GRIND UNTIL YOU ARE 200. Okay, I am biased. I am a big fan of this map. It is the perfect place to TM grind. Moths are hax TM givers.
Note that this map WILL need some getting used to. But once you got use to the map layout and the spawn areas, grinding's a breeze. It is not crowded, Moths are not hard to kill, and it's TM gain is superb. For those who complained that there are a lack of parties there, create one, for god sake. I grinded there from level 150 all the way to 200, and I can nearly always create a Moths party from scratch everyday then.
Skill Spammers: Moths are decently thick to be a good exp source. You'll need roughly 400+HV with 2.5k AP to OHKO.
Elementalists: They resist soil, so it's a no go for Pharaoh Sword. They are however, weak to water, which you should already have. Rape.
Q_Q. Dead and thus striked off...

Tap 3 -
Elementalists' favourites. I have nothing much to say, since I am not one.
Skill Spammers: Avoid, since I think there are 2 creeps there that resist physical.
Elementalists: You can get more information by asking fellow players. I simply don't grind here...

Tap 4 -
Higher-leveled version of Path to Drying Forest. Non are physical resist, though the repot point is slightly further. However, it is more popular amongst the higher leveled players, since nearly every class can grind there. It is more populated than Moths, so that should be good.
Skill Spammers: You can pretty much OHKO everyone with good HV. A great place to grind.
Elementalists: Golems heal through soil, so no Pharaoh Sword. Blue's there as well, but I think they are a breeze by the time you step inside. Other than that, no biggy.

Ice Dungeon 2/3 -
Ice Dungeon is actually pretty grindable for skill users now. ID2 has 3 monsters there. Freyja, Coolem and Freyr. Both Freyja and Coolem are physical weak, while Freyr is easily OHKOed with my VK. ID3 replaces Freyr with Great Coolems, which is magic weak now. Tried using elemental attacks on them, and it sucks. Not to mention they have faint. The only slight problems is it is far away from a repot station, and Freyja CAN hurt you with their wind melee attacks. I easily ate 3k crit from them. Else, I can predict ID2 to be an enjoyable place to grind, especially if you have those camp storage for potions.
Skill Spammers: You can pretty much OHKO everyone with good HV except for Great Coolems. A great place to grind.
Elementalists: I dunno. They have a wide variety of elemental resists, so it may not be the best place to go.

Bats (Count Blood Trials) -
More worth it for AOE-ers, something which Primadonna sorely lack. Repotting pretty easy. I'll say the best way to grind here is to Evo whenever possible, spam Sharp Scream and use elements to kill while it is on CD. In non evo, either VK, or continue to use elements.
Skill Spammers/Elementalists: Kill on sight.

1st Closed Lot of Precious Jewel -
Aiming mainly at the bears before the portal to the next maps. Spawns are instantaneous. However, they are physical resist, so you'll need to element your way through. If you can OHKO or 2crits KO in Evo form, grind here. Else, you are gonna get raped by the faint + berserk combo. Pots are dropped by tonnes here, so repotting is uber easy. Rack up all your pots on elixers, about 5 MP pots, and you are good to go.
There are also Golden Beetles for the less painful option, and they are the North-West of the bears. Slightly less painful, but has suicide skill, which should be easily dodged, or avoided all together if you OHKO. They are gun weak, however, which means you are sharing a spot with gunners most probably.
Then there are Silver Beetles, which are South-West of bears. It has a level cap of 220, and thus should be used for lower levelled people only. Easy to OHKO, not much damage dealt. Ideal for 150+.
Skill Spammers: Find somewhere else
Elementalists: Any of the 3 monsters will do.

For TM grinding, do all monster TM quests available from level 50 onwards, all the way until you are level 200. As for items TM quests, notable ones are probably the Panacea quest @ Monkey_T located at Mirage Island, where each quest can net you about 1.3m of TMexp, doable for 25 times.


VI.) Elements, and what are they about? [fyncsj]

New players of the game are probably confused about the grinding section, where i split players down into 2 camps, Skill Spammers and Elementalists.

Elementalists are players (or in this case cats) who trained through normal attacks, and get their normal attacks boosted by elemental equips. There are generally 7 attributes in the game.

- Darkness
- Light
- Air
- Water
- Fire
- Soil
- Electricity

Elements only boosts NORMAL MELEE ATTACK, unless a skill's formula includes elemental percentage (in Cat's case, non). The percentage boosts the normal attack directly.

My cat has 1000AP, with 75% element on my sword. Without the elements, I should do about 1000 damage on a Torrobie using a normal attack. However, due to the elements, i deal (1000 + 1000x75% = 1750) 1750 damage on a Torrobie.

Things are not so simple, however. There are other things to take note when using elemental equips. Below are some basic points on elemental damage.

1.) Elemental damage stacks, even with different elemental equips equipped on yourself. For example, a 150% Soil Pharaoh Sword and a 150% Dark Pharaoh Shield will yield you 300% of additional damage per normal attack.
2.) By my experience, elemental damage is counted as Magic damage. So your elemental attacks deals more on Magic weak monsters, and less against Magic resistance monsters (although it will still be more than an elemental-less attack).
3.) Some monsters are weak or resistance in certain elements. Factor those in if you are an Elementalist.
4.) Elemental damage are based on your physical attacks that are NOT YET tempered by the monsters' physical resistance or weakness (shown in quote below). The point will further be shown in point 5.
Total damage = (physical damage x resistance/weakness) + (elemental damage x resistance/weakness)
5.) Due to point 4, elemental attacks have the ability to bypass insane physical resist monsters. Good example is the old Niwearths (revo-ed ones take damage from physical attacks, though reduced). Any normal physical attacks will do a maximum damage of 1 on him. To damage him, one can either use galder skills, or slap on elemental equips to attack him. He'll still reduce your normal attacks to 1, but those elemental damage will go through and damage him. So, with 75% elemental equips, instead of doing (1 + 1x75%) 1.75 damage on Niwearths, you can actually deal thousands with a normal attack.
6.) Some monsters actually heals through some elements. So be aware.


(1342 + 47) + (1342 + 47)*0.93 = 1389 + 1291.77 = 2680.77
Notice the huge amount of increase in damage, even though my Ult. dagger adds only 43AP. That is because of the 93% soil element that is added to the normal attack.

(1342 + 47) + (1342 + 47)*0.93 + (1342 + 47)*1.35 = 1389 + 1291.77 + 1875.15 = 4555.92
And the elemental percent are added together.
The reason why many people are being an Elementalist is because with good elemental equips, your normal attacks can out damage a lot of skills, resulting in efficient training with little MP pots.

Hot elemental equips in the game are probably Pharaoh Sword and Dark Attribute Pharaoh Shield. Both have 4 slots to compound elements. With dark stones and soil stones, once can achieve 120% minimum on those equips alone. Factoring in the fact that they can be used at level 35, you've some pretty good attacking power.

Elemental equips also enhances your Evolution. This is the fact why HV cats should not ignore Evolution. With decent elemental equips, you can actually deal decent damage in Evo mode. This is good if you want to be an independent player. Instead of relying on Gunners or Mages at quests like Red Salamaders or Niwearths, you can actually equip on elements, go Evo, and kill.


VII.) Equips - What to use? [gvxqro]

For PvM situations, you'll only need 2 sets of gears.

1.) HV sets (especially so for Skill Spammers). It directly boosts your VK damage. Since VK hardly ever misses in PvM, it is wiser to go pure power so you can grind at higher level maps sooner.

2.) Elemental equips. Mostly applicable for elementalists, but it is a good alternative for skills spammers, especially so when you are in Evo or when hunting lower leveled monsters for items. Pharoah equips will probably be enough for most cases.

PvP/GvG situations, it really depends on how much money you have to splash. Basically, you'll need only a pure HV set if you are going budget, but for players with more cash, there are wider options to choose from.

1.) Pure HV set. HV to nerf gun damage, HV to melt and so on. Absolutely essential.

2.) HP set. More for tanking for anything else. Use this when you find yourself getting OHKOed too easily.

3.) An elemental sword (preferably get those HV swords and compound elements on it). This is not too essential, but it will be a useful addition in PvP. The added HV in your sword will ensure your VK and 2-step's firepower stays at a decent level. Also, if you are shockvibed by Powers in PvP, you'll be better of meleeing.

Recommended equips for this purpose are Count Sword, Tenter Spear or Odinea Axe. They comes with 4 slots, high AP and fantastic base HV. You'll probably want to refine the sword to get the AP to a respectable number.

4.) AC set. With the current HV nerf, AC sets are wonderful against other classes now. Some 300AC will ensure that you hit most enemies you face in PvP.

Note that this is just a guide. Ultimately, what equips to don on will depends on your playing style.


VIII.) PvP/GvG - What to do [hekdns]

[Disclaimer] Following information are solely based on my experience and views. I'll say straight that I am not the best GvG-er around. Note that Primas, imo absolutely fails in GvG now.

Originally Posted by Not Applicable in GvG nerf
As a Anti-Mage, your main job is to disable mages and make them easier to kill. This works best, of course, if your team have a gunner around. All you have to do then is to toss in a Skunk, and if it connects, your team-mate will probably send them to pew-pew-pew hell way before the skunk ends.

However, if gunners are not in your team, it is probably up to you to try to disable mages and make them as useless as possible.

The bread and butter combo
Yes. The basic combo which ALL Primadonna should know.
VK -> 2-Hit Combo -> VK
Hits fast, chained easily. This combo in the order, when executed finish, will have both 2-Hit and VK cooling down. Both skills will cooldown finish at exactly the same time, so you are fresh to go again.

However, of you have just landed a delicious skunk (which you should always do), you can further enhance to combo to this...
VK -> 2-Hit Combo -> VK -> PB -> VK -> 2-Hit Combo -> VK -> PB -> ...
A continuous, endless chain of combo here. Mana output is probably gonna be really high, so standby those MP potions.

Defensive buffs to use
IMO, all the buffs you need are probably...
1.) Mana Reflector
2.) Sumo Suit
3.) Dodge Master

The other shield moves are not gonna help much with Sumo introduced. It is also a distraction to keep maintaining them when you have the 3 buffs to juggle, especially that ever important MR with mages running about.

Debuffing mages
Again, it is easier to connect a skunk before you do these, because of Charm Wink's fail range.

Skunk -> Charm Wink -> Magic Meltdown
Charm Wink asap because not only does Wink has a fail range, it also has a fail hit rate. Prepare the cooldown of your Wink asap so if your first Wink fails, you can always hit them again soon after it has cooled down.

Note that in the current GvG format, it is highly unwise to start winking at the start of the battle. You'll be targeted by Powers, One Pair etc. And not to mention Wink may not even land. Other then sacrificing for some unconfirmed cause, it is better to use Magic Meltdown, Skunk, etc. Only when you are safe before you start to do some winking.

If there are multiple mages in your opponent's team, it is probably wiser to disable those who have direct impact in your team. Usually, you'll aim for the most "haxxed" mage. However, if the mages are roughly balanced out, you can probably try to Wink mages in the order below, number 1 being the highest priority.

1.) Light Mages - You will have to skunk them first, else they will just heal other skunked targets. Preferably use Funk on them + others, and hope for the best.

2.) Shockers - Against them, you'll probably not get close enough to Wink. Use the window of opportunity when they are recasting their shock to try to Skunk them, before Winking.

3.) Dark Lords - Very irritating to fight against due to Fear and it's high hit rates. Winking them after a few occasions will cause them to Fear you on sight, even with other targets in sight. At then, if there is a lion in your team, it's probably wiser to toss a Skunk and pray for the lion to finish the Dark Lord off. If not, do not bother and just try to Wink them directly. Take advantage of messy situations, or when they are in the middle of casting their skill. Wink lasts longer than Fear, so even if they hits you with fear, if your Wink lands, your job is done.

4.) Others - You should probably pay attention to DoTers who may try to waste your pots.

And so I've Winked... Now what?
Since I am no longer into GvGing, I'll just add in my views and tips on what to do with a winked opponent.

In PvP circumstances, it is really a no brainer. You wink, you melt, you kill. Simple. It's a 1 on 1, and after the wink you should land a delicious skunk and kill them off. Immediately. No questions asked.

In GvG circumstances, however, it will be advantageous if you let the person live.

Why, you ask.

Simple. Living a useless person running about is much better than killing him and allowing him to respawn to kill you. If the opponent mages are good, this is an option you'll have to consider. It definitely is against the common logic, to kill on sight, but think of the advantages you can net your group. By not killing them and constantly renewing the Charm Wink, it ensures a fair battle of equal numbers to suddenly tip the scales in your guild's favour, since they are with a pseudo man down. If the man down is a good mage, you are effectively a thorn in the battle for up to 30 seconds. Definitely worth considering, no?

Kill the winked mage only when there is no one else to kill.

Magic Defense Breaker - Useful?
Do not, I repeat, do not use it on Charms. Uses for it is probably low, but it helps to add that extra damage that may allow your mage to OHKO, for say, high HP/MD powers. MDB-ing Charms will be sending your mage on suicide. Others is probably okay. Your mage will most probably appreciate the extra damage.

To Evo or not to Evo?
No. The main reason you'll never see a Cat Evo in GvG is because...

1.) Mana Reflector can't be renewed. Mage meat.
2.) No skunk. Skunk is an excellent defensive and offensive skill.
3.) Lack of powerful OHKO skill in Evo mode. Beast Claw does not make the cut. Sharp Scream probably will not OHKO them either, as most will stack HP, or have guard.
4.) Decrease in HV. Makes yourself gunners' meat.

Do not EVER Evo in GvG if you want to win. Simple as that.

Art of Skunking
Skunking requires precise timing. This is because of the fact that if you renew your skunk while the opponent is still in Skunked-status, they have a small window of opportunity to move. Skunks do not stack, so if the 2nd skunk misses while the 1st skunk's duration is not over, tough luck. Opponent's free to move.

It is best for you to do a mental calculation of how long the skunks last in the game, especially in PvP and GvG situations, so you'll only need to cast skunk at about 2 seconds before the skunk ends. Else, a good source of judgement will be to estimate by seeing how many VK + 2-Hit + VK combos you can do within a skunk period, and work from there.

Full House's stunned status is different from Skunk, so it will be useful to renew a skunk while they are under FH status. Now that Deadly Funk is released, feel free to abuse it with FH for that maximum oomph.

The current PvP changes actually do not allow one to precast any skills now. What does it mean? All the better against Light Mages and Powers, all the worse against Gamblers. Skunk finally works like it should.

Do take note of all these as they are pretty much essential for Charm players.


IX.) Credits and Version History

ver 1.0.0 - Basic guide rolled out.
ver 1.1.0 - Included Raging Nails (bullsh1t skill), and edited link to WIKI.
ver 1.1.2 - Edited views on Tech 4.
ver 1.1.3 - Revised some views on skills.
ver 1.1.4 - Placed a copyright against the thieving MT.
ver 1.1.7 - Added "And so I've Winked... Now what?" in the GvG section
ver 1.1.8 - Ironed out some mistakes.
ver 1.2.0 - Updated with Deadly Funk
ver 1.4.0 - Updated with Sharp Scream
ver 1.4.5 - Changed training spots for 50 - 70
ver 1.8 - Major revamp to grinding spots
ver 1.8.5 - Drying Forest is gone... Q_Q
ver 1.8.8 - Updated some grinding spots, gonna check out a few more.
ver 1.8.9 - Updated grinding spots, updated views on Sharp Scream.
ver 2.0.0 - Added in a lot of pictures.
ver 2.0.1 - Updated views on Tech 4 grinding spot
ver 2.0.2 - Updated Final Blow
ver 2.0.3 - Updated PvP and GvG stuff to current nerfs
ver 2.0.4 - Updated Skunk on the current PvP changes
ver 2.0.5 - Updated on box prices.
ver 2.1.0 - Updated some links, added in Kyuzuumi's guide's link
ver 2.2.0 - Slight edits due to screw up in previous edit

- I'll like to thank people in Pantsu / ex-Chibi members, for those GvG sessions. 8D
- Person on MT I'll like to really thank is Inune, although I don't think he visits MT anymore. He gave me great tips on my questions and posts in MT. His insight on Evolution then has probably shaped my views of Evolution, it's pros and cons. He is also probably the Cat player whom I respects a lot, along with other players.

Any questions and feedbacks, feel free to post on this thread. I'll also usually lurk around in the Charms section, so yeah.


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