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Originally Posted by Ameh
I just used normal hair dyes like stuff from Loreal or Garnier for the second color, and thats pretty much the color I aim for everytime. You dont need to bleach your hair, but without doing that, it probably wont go THAT light. Mine is like... light around the front and darker near the back o_O I would just leave the dye on for longer but not for too long... somewhere in between, so that the color gets absorbed more. I dye my hair at home all the time, so you should no problem doing it for yourself really :x

@Eternal: To each their own? ._. I dunno how a person can consider another's hair "unnatural" if they dont even know their original hair color.
True, if they dye their hair a natural color, but sometimes I would notice or feel something different about their hair.

As for unnatural. If you see an Asian walking around with blond hair, you will probably guess its dye... Blue hair, pink, hair, yellow mixed with black hair, etc... Well.. I know this girl with some few sparks of orangish and shiny dye on her hair. It added a variety and I liked how it compensated on her, especially seeing the flicker of the orange on her hair when playing basketball with her.

Yes, I know how the asian can be half asian etc...... But you can usually tell, atleast I can. I can usually directly tell how is half asian and who isnt( then talks to them to confirm, I like this specialty of mine). My asian friends, on the other hand, cant for some reason.
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