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Originally Posted by adipiciu
I remade the page, but i didn't had the time to finish it Now it is ok

The Equipment Template is not showing the lines: Weight, Value, Time and Notes. Can someone repair it? I don't have time.
I've tried to edit that before, but I can't figure how those specific lines are working :/
It would help a lot to see these informations when we want to add Eqs to the charts.

Originally Posted by KawaiiSaka
Lalala~ The magic stones are all done. I added the images for ice penguin and -attempted to- add stats to it.
good job ^^
Btw, should the cape be added to the "xxxx Set Table", when a cape is available, but sold separately?

Originally Posted by Mizuiro
I noticed that some of the Black Swamp quest items are not actually listed as quest items on their individual pages yet. Is the quest list finished? If so, I can go ahead and add which item is for which quest on the pages lacking that info.

Also, if there's any other ongoing projects that have not been listed in the first post, please let me know, and I'll add them.
It looks like all quests (but trials & unique acs) are here , so it safe to update all the items. I've done the very first ones but most of them have to be done, you can go for it. I can give you a hand, like you start from the first quests, I start from the last one, if it's ok for you?

Black Swamp NPCs: They are now up-to-date. But there are TONS of missing quests and outdated informations regarding other locations. What priority should I give to the NPCs? Is there a more urgent work that needs to be done first?

Shield Table: I've merged what i could merge, so everything here reflects the current in-game contents. Just one question about Chaos/Ults that are now dropped by boss: Karan drops Chaos/Ults 110, but what about Count Blood and Tenter? Are the old Master Eqs still available, or should we remove them from the boss drop list? I hate trials so, well xD

Images: I think by now, 90% of the Etc/Use Items are fully pictured. There are still some quest items, like Weird Piece 1/2/3, Nono's note, that I can't get anymore... Good news, I've removed the "old image large/small" links in the Etc/Use templates, it looks much better n.n

<noinclude>: do you think there's a way to modify all pages having tags like this:


so it becomes:
It would spare us a lot of time, and the quests and monsters pages would look much better ;o