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Things that get you Frustrated in LaTale?

newbie: " Hi, can you kill Invoke so I can complete the Muwen scenario quest? "
me: " Maybe. "
newbie: " Please? I'm only lv 25 and can't kill Nue or Invoke on my own. "
me: " Okay. "


me: " Alright, the first Invoke is down. I'll kill the second one and call you when it's dead. "
newbie: " Sure. Oh btw I call 2H Invoke swords!! "
me: " .....................what? "
newbie: " If a 2H Invoke sword drops, I get it. "
me: " Why? "
newbie: " The party is supposed to split the drops, duh. "
me: " But I did all the're just here for the quests. "
newbie: " DOES NOT COMPUTE. " * brain implodes *