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Originally Posted by moffit
What about players that do not know of the scammer, or MMOG? Why should I care if I ruin the fun of someone who scams? The game is better off without such people; let them become a pariah, get disheartened and leave, and hopefully learn a lesson. What is to stop others from doing it unless we make an example of the ones that do scam? Also, not all scams are through myshop, even though the majority are.

If Ntreev truly want people to be unable to sell or buy myshop from other players, they should take out the gifting option entirely. I doubt they will though, since even gifting myshop to someone means that real money was spent on their goods. Telling us they don't want us doing it it their way of avoiding dealing with scams- "Well, you shouldn't have done it anyway so what are you complaining to us about?"
That's a really good point but there's a difference between harassing and alerting. The screenshots I saw were not related to trading or scamming. They were just confronting a scammer who wanted to continue playing and minding their own business. The fact is that there are scammers who play on the character they've scammed with but it does not mean they scam 24/7: they either hide their identity with another character or use that known identity. When you start feeling sorry for a scammer that's a sign telling you who is being a "bad guy". Usually you'd feel sorry for the one being scammed.

My opinions were simply stated because upon stumbling/checking the thread for IGNs, I found "not-so-pleasant" sides of members here and in-game. So, therefore, I won't be reading anymore posts or screenshots (so I can preserve the good and kind images of member attitudes) and assume the IGNs have solid proof.

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